About the author: Frieda Groffy

I am Belgian and I live in a small town close to Antwerp. My first love was the theater, and I have a Master's degree in Dramatic Arts and that's why I still love to perform, for it is a very 'hard to kill' virus.

So far I have published five chapbooks of poetry in Dutch (my mothertongue). There were always periods when I wrote in English, but lately I do get all of my inspiration out of my love-sharing, soul-mating relationship. To put it all in one line ' I did not choose poetry, poetry has been choosing me!'

Update: Frieda Groffy has just released a CD of some of her work! You can go here to review and/or purchase the CD, Voices with Scars.

Here are two sample tracks from the CD and you can listen to "The Universal Woman" at the link for the poem below.


The Waiting

Groffy CD cover

"The Universal Woman"

Includes soundtrack of Frieda reading this poem!

"Poem for a Little Muse"
"Falling Asleep"
"That Next Moment"
"Springtime Blues"
The Ballad of the Silence
The Ballad of the Silent Sea
Absence Blues
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