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Personal Ad

There was no mistake.

Her ad said what she really wanted was a playmate.  She craved the kiss of a woman and what followed, the slow burning, awakening.  “Your picture gets mine,” she promised.

She was quite clear, there could be no mistaking her intent.  It surprised me.  Yet, since the breakup, what I missed was the touching, caressing and passion.  And here she was, the answer to my dilemma of wanting intimacy, but not ready for a relationship.   I dreamed of the fire a touch and a look could bring.

I replied to her ad.

The next morning I held my breath until that obnoxious man said, “You’ve got mail!”  And, there it was: an answer from her, with an attachment.   I opened the picture and actually sat back.   She was gorgeous.  Why would she need an ad? I knew I would never have the courage to approach her at our local bar.  Nonetheless, she had seen my picture.  She still replied.  So I tried not to be intimidated by her beauty and petite size.

Our first IM was full of innuendoes and not so hidden comments amongst the normal getting to know you questions.  She was obviously intelligent and a settled professional, close to my own age.   Several comments made me laugh.  But there was no mistake that the conversation made me want to meet her.   We set up a date to meet in neutral territory: the local bar, that night.   Nervously, I walked in with two friends. 

There was no mistaking her, sitting at the bar, watching the door.  I walked up, smiled and looked right into her shining eyes.   “You are even better in person,” I said.   She had the grace to blush and said hello.  We talked for a while.  I could not break the hold her eyes had on me.  I felt her gaze stray, down my body, melting me down to my knees.  She stood, took my hand and led me to the small dance floor, without any prelude or question.

Shedding her sandals, she moved beautifully to the music.  Every now and then,  she looked into my eyes.  Gradually, we moved to the beat together, ever closer.  I could feel my heart beating faster, my breath coming faster.  I reached out to pull her closer, moving my hips with hers, my hand burning from touching the small of her back.  There was no mistake about her look, about what she wanted.

At the end of the song, we walked, still touching, back to the bar.  I leaned my back to the bar, facing the dance floor.  She backed up in front of me to watch as well.  Or was it to feel my body the length of hers?  There was no mistake about the reaction her touch produced in me.  My hands wandered down her side, circling her waist.   How could this cute, petite woman who fit so well in my curves, want me?  But her movements, her looks told me she did.

We moved to the beat.  My lips found her neck, just below her ear.  She smelled fresh, tasted wonderful.  “I can’t keep my hands off of you.”  I said into her ear while my hands roved.

“Don’t take them off me, I want you to touch me.” 

I forgot the other people there.  I could only see her, feel her and smell her.  There was no mistake in the way her hips ground back into me, in the reaction I felt in my stomach.

At the end of the song, she turned around and kissed me.  Gentle at first; then sensuously, languishing over my mouth, making me move my hips into her.   Slowly, she kissed my entire face, ending at my ear.  “Are you wet, yet?” she asked me, pulling back to see my reaction. 

I could barely breathe, let alone talk.   “Yes, I am; is that what you want?”

“What I want is to take you now, not waiting.”  She was still inches from my face, staring intently into my eyes.  “And, I want you to feel me.  Do you feel me now?”

“Not where I want you.”

She smiled.  “Where do you want me?”

The smile took some of the edge off.  “Why don’t you come home with me and I will show you that and how much I want to taste you?”   There was no mistake of her reaction, she simply said “Yes.”

I don’t know how I made that drive home with her following me.  It was a miracle that I could follow the road.  I cursed the automatic floodlight that blinded me as I drove up to the driveway.  Once in the front door, I could wait no longer.  I pulled her to me, backing up against the door to close it.  She positioned her leg between mine.  After a hot, deep kiss, I reached around for her hand and guided it down, between my legs.  She moaned in my neck. 

“My, you are wet.  I can feel it through your pants.”  Not caring where we were, she unzipped my pants, dipped her hand into my underwear and entered me.  “Yes, yes, oh please.”  Was all I could say.  I came almost immediately and then, as she moved deeper, again.  I could hardly remain standing.

“That’s what I want, give it to me,” she told me.  My hand found her breast and I pinched her hard nipple.  A tangle of tossed off clothes, we made it to the couch where I pushed her back, knelt on the floor and proceeded to enjoy her hot cream.   I could not wait to tease her, I wanted to feel her come as I had, hard and fast.  She talked to me, guiding me to what she needed, both my mouth and my hand.

After she came again, she pulled me up on top of her.  “Are you sure?”  I asked.  I was conscience of the difference in our sizes, feeling so huge as compared to her.  She smiled and nodded, saying, “Come here.”   I kissed her, deeply.   There was no mistaking her reaction as she moved beneath me, raising her leg to meet me.   “All wet again, eh?  Ummm, I like that.” 

I moved with her, feeling her body respond.  I moved down to suck on her nipples and started to rub my breasts on her, stopping to move one hard nipple over her clit. She grabbed my head and brought my mouth back to hers.   My hips increased their tempo, rubbing on her leg.   I wanted her again and she knew it. 

Delicately, she rolled over on top of me, her mouth finding my breast.   “You see, I like them big, round and soft.  I like to bury my face in them, to touch them, suck them.”  Slowly, her hand moved down my stomach, teased my clit and one finger quickly moved inside and out again.  I moaned my protest.  She smiled, put her finger in her mouth and tasted.  Then, watching me, she put first one and then another finger in her mouth, moving them in and out, in and out.  My eyes begged her.  My hips moved to find her leg again.  My hands grabbed her shoulders.

“Patience, patience, I only want you to be ready.  Is there something I can do for you?”

All I could do is nod.  The ache I felt was overwhelming.  She smiled and moved her hand down to plunge inside of me.  Then she slowly took them partially out, to move back inside.  Her pace quickened, my hips joined into the rhythm.  Slower, more intense this time, I exploded.   My thigh was wet from her.   She stayed inside, not moving and lay on top of me.  We fell asleep.

After waking each other up, we went to the bedroom where the passion continued.  We slept as I held her, my front to her back.

There is no mistaking what we wanted from each other.  There was no mistaking what we got from one another.

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