"Wanderings"  by White Iris

Summer Interlude ~ 1
        As Marney walked down the Boston city streets, she could feel the heat scorching her feet and traveling up her weary calves. It had been a hellish week in every way, and she was looking forward to the weekend. Her things were all packed at home and all she had to do was shower and hop into her car for the trip north.

         In her reverie of dreams for a quiet weekend, she missed the changing of the lights and was rudely interrupted in her thoughts by a cab driver who screamed at her in some long extinct language that he probably couldn't even read or write. Sometimes this city really pissed her off, but a look from her high rise at sunset, always made it better. She loved Boston, but right now she was ready to escape.

         As she arrived home, she leaned against the cool elevator wall and began to unwind. She closed her eyes and listened to the whoosh of the elevator as it made its hasty ascent. She opened her eyes as the doors opened and made her way down the hall to her apartment. On her way she noticed a new neighbor unlocking her door." Mmmm ------ looks like "Family" ------ I'll have to do some detective work when I get home."

         The apartment was cool and Marney left a trail of clothes and the mail as she made her way to the shower. She lived alone and loved to be able to do this without having to pick up. She switched the lights on and started the shower. She loved big showers and had taken this apartment for the view and the shower. 

          As the water swirled over her hot and sweaty body, she felt the tensions of the day swirl down the drain with the sweat and began to come alive. Ah ------ a lesbianís best silent lover ------- a good shower head ------- no batteries and no waiting.

Marney could feel herself coming alive and decided to really enjoy the beginning of her weekend. She sat down on the corner seat in the shower and spread her legs wide. She closed her eyes and an image of the "new neighbor" leapt into her minds eye ---- this would be fun.

          Marney had a very healthy out look on the "art" of masturbation. Of course it felt good, but she looked at it as a must to keep her "well tuned machine" in good working order. She succumbed to the pulsating water and let her fingers drop to her stomach. She loved to tease herself and slowly massaged the top of her pubic mound and found that her clit had a mind of it's own and was arching up towards her touch ------- she'd let the horney bitch wait a few minutes. She was getting very hot and massaged her breasts and thighs with that freesia gel that drove her crazy (and her lovers).

         Her fingertips reached over to the side of her tub and she grabbed her new anal probe ------- might as well start this weekend with a scream rather than a whimper. She loved these jelly things and raised her well-shaped butt and slowly sat on it. "Oh Lord ------- this feels so good and it won't take long." Her body was alive and she began to move up and down on her new toy while directing the showerhead on her swollen and inflamed clit.

          " Shit, why can't anyone ever fuck me like this!!!! This feels so good." She fantasized about the new neighbor and imagined her walking into the bathroom and sitting on the jon to watch her. This thought made her even hotter and she rode that butt plug like a filly in heat and threw down the shower head and rubbed her clit and moaned so loud she was turning herself even further on.

           She loved to shout profanities and commanded herself to "fuck it good" and "show this dyke your stuff." Finally, in a screaming crescendo she slid to the floor of the shower and in utter exhaustion. She smiled a silent smile and thought --- "now that's some good Fuckin".




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