"Wanderings"  by White Iris

Summer Interlude ~ 2
        Marney finished her shower, dressed and in less than an hour was in her car crossing the Tobin Bridge, and joining the rest of the city as they made their weekend exit. She put on some good tunes, set the AC and settled in for a nice long ride.

      She was on her way to a "womens" resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that she had heard about from friends. It was strictly women and was tucked onto 400 acres of woodlands, a golf course, and a heated swimming pool. They served breakfast and recommended a lot of places nearby from gourmet to regular fare. It sounded like a small slice of heaven and one her weary body and mind needed.

       She had always liked to drive and tonight was no exception. It was her time to think and catch up with her thoughts. Living in a fast track took away this privilege and times like these allowed her time to remember where she had been and look forward to the future. It also reminded her that she was alone. Sometimes that thought had to be put out of her mind quickly, but tonight, that contemplation came as a challenge. She made up her mind that on the return trip, she would be smiling over some steamy memories. 

       In less than an hour, she had crossed the border into New Hampshire and was getting hungry. She found a little roadside tavern and pulled over. She went inside and sat down at the bar. She wasn't ready for a big meal ------- just a beer and a sandwich. The bar keep came up to take her order and flashed her a big smile. Marney couldn't help but notice her pink triangle earrings and flashed her a big smile back. "What will you have, Darlin ? I'm not on the menu, but I have a break coming and I would be glad to keep you company while you eat."

      Marney was a little taken back, but said "Sure, I would enjoy the company. What do you recommend?" The bar keep gave her a long look and said, "First, I suggest we move to that little table in the corner." She picked up Marney's beer and Marney followed her to the designated table. "You wait here and I will get you the second best special in the house" and with this she disappeared into the kitchen.

         Marney looked around and in the dimness, saw a lot of other women at tables engaged in quiet conversation with heads and hands touching ------- "I'll be damned, this is certainly going to be an enchanted weekend". The bar keep came back with a wonderful looking sandwich and pushed into the booth close to Marney ----- their thighs touching.

         As Marney began to eat her sandwich, the most amazing thing happened. The lucious bar keep hiked up her skirt and put Marney's free hand directly on her hairless crotch ! Marney quickly pulled away and realized her hand was being held in a very strong grip and she could not retract it. The women did not say a word and just locked eyes with her as if giving her specific instructions. Marney began to get very turned on as she felt the woman's very erect clit and her steamy wetness. She began to salivate, but it wasn't the sandwich that was doing it.

          She couldn't take her eyes off the woman as the woman's eyes became more glassy and as she moved her crotch in an urgent rhythm against Marney's hand. Marney was getting very hot and did not object when she felt the womens hand enter her panties and felt two fingers invade her. She instantly began to move in and out, never taking her eyes from the women's face. She moved as if in a fog and had no thoughts as to whether the other patrons were watching---- she didn't care. All she wanted was to be fucked by these fingers and urged her partner on by quickening the pace of her own fingers on the bar keeps wet slit. Her partner took the hint and in a blinding flash, never breaking their stare, they came in breathtaking gasps and came again.

         All at once, Marney realized they were not alone. Without a word, the barkeep disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a brown bag. "Take this, Honey, you more than paid for it and you'll be hungry." Marney silently took the bag and made for the door. She turned around once more and all the women were smiling and silently lifted their glasses to her ----- including the bar keep.

         She stumbled to her car and somehow managed to start it and get back on the road. As she came into awareness of what had happened, her hand brushed the bag and as she opened it, saw her uneaten sandwich.




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