"Wanderings"  by White Iris

Summer Interlude ~ 3
       Marney regained her strength and got her second wind as she continued her journey. It seemed like days since she had left Boston and it had only been a few hours. The sunset turned into twilight and she turned off the AC, opened her windows, and adjusted her music to suit her mood. She was beginning to wind down and it felt good.

 Her mind drifted to her one real love and she smiled. Sometimes sex is not enough ---- solo or not. She remembered with much affection and a few tears. Enough of this !! This was to be a weekend of no ties and new memories.

 As she pulled into the Inn, it was still welcoming at this hour.The lights cast a soft shadow over the manicured lawns and she could smell the sweet smell of the flower beds as she carried her bag into the lobby. A few couples were conversing quietly and she got her key and made her way to her room.

 The room was perfect. It looked out over the front of the Inn and faced the pool. She shed her "city clothes" and decided to unpack in the morning. Fatigue was beginning to overtake her and she turned off the lights and thought about the big featherbed that awaited her. 

 She decided to treat herself to a brandy that she had brought and turned off the lights and sat in a rocker that was close to an open window. The soft night air caressed her body and she felt the cares of her busy life float out the open window. She sipped her brandy slowly and felt her body come alive as the breeze played with her naked nipples. She watched with amusement as they stood to attention and slowly ran her finger tips over her breasts.

 She was distracted from her reverie by a movement at the pool. A solo figure stood at the edge of the pool and was framed in the moonlight. As Marney watched, the woman let her robe gently fall to the ground and raised her arms to the moon. It took Marney's breath away and she was transfixed. The woman looked to the moon and in one sweep, ran her fingers up her body and silently dove into the water, barely making a ripple and slicing the surface of the water like a knife.

 She watched her silent progress in the pool and marveled at her grace and the silence. She began to be aroused and her fingers fell to her lap and she set her glass down on the table. When the woman pulled herself from the water, she did not wrap up in a towel. but lay full length on a chaise. She looked to the moon as if trieng to gain warmth from the sun and Marney could see her smile. 

 The moon seemed to arouse her and Marney watched as her fingers started to run the length of her body ------ Marney's fingers mirrored her progress and their passions began to mount. If Marney had been in the city, she would have joined this apparition at poolside, but somehow she knew not to break the spell. They both continued their silent journeys and Marney could almost smell the aroma of the woman's passion. "Oh God ------- this is so fine." Marney was so wet and so hot that her legs were numb. Her fingers were the woman's fingers and their actions were mirrored in intensity.

 Marney raised her legs so that she could get better penetration with her fingers and felt her wetness. She raised her fingers to her lips and tasted her own juices. The women turned her head and seemed to gaze up at Marneys window. Marney looked down and seemed to will the woman to pick up her pace. Something unknown to them both was happening and as Marney rubbed her swollen clit harder and faster, so did the women. Her body was writhing on the chaise and Marney was gasping in her chair. 

 As if in silent communion, the two women came together and their silent screams filled the mountains. A cloud masked the moon and when it had drifted away, the woman was gone. With a smile of things to come, Marney drifted off to sleep in her feather bed and knew she would not be alone tomorrow.

©White Iris




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