"Wanderings"  by White Iris

In The Arms Of An Angel

       Life is hard when you live it on the road. Every week, a different (yet the same) hotel room in a different (yet the same) city. The weekend respites are all too short and some days all you want, is to come home to the same place and fall asleep in the same arms. This is the life you have chosen and you really wouldn't want it any other way.

 The travel is fun and you meet all kinds of interesting people. There was that woman in Omaha and that other one in Cleveland. Your gaydar is so finely honed that you know immediately and can exchange that "secret smile" and know that tonight you will not be alone.

It's hard working with straight people all the time and such a bore to keep up the pretense of 'boyfriends" at home and giggling at the appropriate times (appropriate for who ???) when men pay you compliments with hopes of filling your bed that night ----- if they only knew. So you watch the endless parade of waitresses and "butch" associates at your work sights and bite your lip with longing. 

 You remember with a smile an incident a few months ago. It had been a hot and busy day and you were about to leave work for the day and go back to your room. One of the "local" girls approached you and asked if you would like to join her later for a drink with her and her friends. You had a lot of these offers and usually declined, but she had been smiling at you all day and she was kinda cute. "Sure ----- I'd love to", you said and gave her the address and room number of your hotel.

Most of the time you wear jeans with your rich dark hair pulled back and no make-up. You would hardly need the makeup anyway -------- your eyes have that soulful look that can stop any man (or woman) in his tracks and your skin is highlighted by your thick auburn hair. You carry yourself with such pride and assurance and are truly a fine example of the well adjusted "career girl". One of the best things about this is that you are totally unaware of your allure. 

As you dragged back to your room after a light dinner, you almost regretted saying you would go. You looked in the mirror and saw a face filled with exhaustion, but a promise is a promise. Leaving a trail of clothing, you made your way to a cool shower. As you felt the first stings of the cool water on your nipples, you began to come alive and lifted your face to the welcome rush of water.Through the shower you hear a strong knock at the door and hear the sweet lilt of your "date". You wrap a nice big towel around you and another on your head and open the door. She catches her breath and blushes as you invite her in ------ what ever could you have been thinking.

You stumbled over your words and apologized for being late. She said her friends were in the car and you told her to go get them and you would get dressed as soon as possible. "There are some beers in the cooler or something stronger if you prefer. Make yourselves comfortable."

You quickly gathered some clothes and headed for the bathroom ----- suddenly feeling very freshened. As you did your hair and make-up, you could hear the giggles and whispers on the other side of the door. God, you loved the sound of women's voices. This could turn out to be a very interesting night.

After a final look in the mirror, you walked out of the bathroom and heard her slightly gasp. "Wow" ------- you look fabulous. Not that you didn't look good before. but what a change." You smile sweetly, always the southern lady, and you grabbed  your coat as you walked out the door.

She sat very close to you in the car, thighs touching, and you could feel that she was nervous. As you drove to the club, she said, "I hope you don't take offense at this bar and I haven't misread you." There was a slight twinkle in her eyes and you said,"Oh, I'm pretty flexible" and smiled to yourself hoping she hadn't read YOUR signals wrong.

The car pulled up to the club and she was very quiet as you walked in. A glance around the room brought a big smile to your lips and as you turned to her, you said,"How about this dance" and took her now trembling hand and made your way to the dance floor. She fit so nicely in your arms and you pulled her close and inhaled the sweet smell of her hair. God, it's so good to have a woman in my arms again and you got caught up in each others rhythms as you danced on the darkened floor. All the fatigue of the day was gone and you let her sweep you away into a familiar world that was not attainable enough to you these days.

 You gazed around the room and felt so comfortable watching women interact with each other ------ stolen kisses over there, a slight cat fight over there, the "first" dates at many tables. This was such a natural scene to you and reinforced your lifestyle. This was your world and right now you had a cute woman in your arms who would surely be smiling across a pillow from you in the morning. 

 She snuggles into your arms and the music plays on. You feel as though the world has slipped away and you feel yourself becoming very aroused and by the movement of her hips ----- the feeling is quite mutual. She pulls back and looks at you with such a dreamy look and says,"I don't usually do this, but will you come home with me?" You don't usually do this either, but tonight it feels so right and you smile your consent. She makes a quick explanation to her friends and you leave and hail a cab.

 The tension in the cab is delicious and you reach across the back seat and slightly touch fingertips. You notice that you are driving out of town and finally pull up to a small cottage next to a lake. She tells you that it belonged to her grandparents and it is now her little hideaway. She pays the driver and then leads you up a stone path to the front door.

 As you enter the cottage, it is very much like her -------- small, very feminine, and inviting. She takes your coat and leads you to a small love seat that overlooks the lake. The windows are open and the curtains move in a soft rustle. She slips into the kitchen and returns with two glasses and has changed into a pink flowing caftan. "I thought you might like to join me in a brandy", she says and you feel the electricity in her touch as you reach for the glass.

 She sits very close to you and you put down the glass. Your passion has been building all night and you can't hold back any longer. As you reach for her and slowly bring your lips to hers, she lets out an audible sigh and returns your kiss. You quickly close your eyes as quick tears of joy spring to the surface and get lost in her sighs and overwhelming womanhood. She is aggressive, yet gentle and you let her lead you down and down into that soft sweet place that only two women can experience.

 You feel yourself go liquid under her touch as she lies you back on the sofa and gently begins to explore you ----- never losing sight of your eyes and always maintaining that Mona Lisa smile. You go to reach for her and she silently shakes her head and continues her work. She seems to know you so well and you feel her touch glide to your most private of places and all you can think of is more! She knows and quickens her pace and lies next to you and lets her finger do their magic.

 The breeze from the lake freshens and the drapes billow as you cry out and pull her to you. She becomes a part of you for that split second and buries her face in your neck and softly kisses you. As you regain your composure, you look up and on the wall you see a small gold engraving of an angel with a woman clutched to her breast. Smiling , you pull her closer and thank God for this night in the arms of this angel.




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