"Wanderings"  by White Iris

Sweet Velvet

       As I sit here waiting for that first glimpse of her car, I remember all the other days we have spent together. It has been much too long since the last visit and my once vivid memories achingly need to be refreshed. Memories are funny things ----- at first they contain every nuance , every sight, every smell, every touch. You can summon them up at will and feel like you have stepped back in time. After a while, little things slip, but that need and want never does.

I need her to refresh me like a flower needs the love of the sun or the soothing cooling of the rain. She is my life source and part of something that remained dormant in me for so long.

  I remember the last time and smile ---- that memory will never leave and has made me her hopeless lover and will remain in my heart forever. I close my eyes as I remember and feel myself float back and remember the first time I experianced her sweet velvet.

 We had done the usual catch up thing and got caught up on each others news and then spent that wonderful time of renewing our little touchs and silent smiles. This is always an important time and always lulls us back to where we left off last time.
 This time, you started the car and said you had a surprise for me. You are so full of surprises and I settled in and prepared to be charmed. Something was different this time and you exhibited a nervousness I had never seen before. We chattered away as we rode along and your eyes just glistened ---- my curiosity was peaked. About a half hour later, you pulled in front of a small stone cottage and stopped the car. You told me it belonged to a friend and it was ours for the night. 

 We had only done day trips together at this point and I immediately started to worry about not bringing an overnight bag. As if reading my mind, you reached in the back and took out a medium size bag -------"I took the liberty of packing for us both." You had thought of everything and I knew that at the end of this "visit" we would be bonded for life.

In a flash you were at my side of the car and opened the door in your gallant way and extended your hand to me. I took it and together we walked up the stone path and you stooped for a minute to pick a freesia by the side of the path and presented it to me.

 You unlocked the door with a large antique key and stood aside waiting for me to enter. As the door closed behind us, so did the outside world. The light seemed to change and the look in your eyes told me all I needed to know. We moved silently up the stair case hand in hand and entered the most beautiful bedroom I have ever seen. I knew you had to have a hand in this --- it was you and me to the smallest detail. The canopy bed was one we had sighed over in an ad in a magazine and the room held vase on vase of lovely white iris and purple sweet violets. Again, without a word, you took my hand and turned me to you. You looked questionly into my eyes and then kissed me deeply ----- the way I wanted you and needed you to. There was no fear and no more question in that kiss and we hungrily fell to the bed.

 All my senses were awakened now and I felt the urgency coming to a climax of all I had dreamed of since the first time I saw you. I became the assertive one and laid you gently against all the pillows you knew I loved and gave you my answer in my kiss. You would finally be mine and a faint breeze rustled the drapes. I drew a soft quilt over us and pulled you closer.

 No words had passed between us since we had entered the cottage and no words were nessacary now. We both had our answers and I slowly began to undress you. Your skin was so soft and I felt you catch your breath as I let my finger tips slide to your breasts and slide your straps down. I kissed you deeply and you arched your back to me so I could unhook you. It was such a sweet slow dance we were engaged in ----- the most brilliant choreographer could not have created a more beautiful dance. You rose to my every touch and responded the way a lover who has longed to be loved by this woman.

 I felt your need to be loved increasing and felt my own passion matching yours ---- we would soon be one. My tongue sought yours as we kissed and I began to kiss your neck and then drifted to your breast. You were breathing hard and moaned, as if in surprise, as I let my tongue play on your nipple and I knew you were surprised at your own depth of passion.

 I could not touch you enough and you let me go where I needed to go with no reservations and no regrets. My fingers drifted to your stomach and I loved the feel of your skin and could feel you trembling now. You knew what I wanted and you so wanted the release that you knew was just ahead and that I alone would give you for the first time.

Your pubic hair was so soft and I let my fingers play in the fullness of it and let my lips drift down to your softness and inhale your sweetness ---- yes violets. I raised my head so I could look in your eyes and the look on your face stopped me for just a minute ----- I wanted to remember this forever. My virgin lover with such a look of love and anticipation. 

 I could hold back no longer and I could see by your face that you needed my touch as much as I needed to touch you. You almost whimpered and I was almost a little frightened as I began the finale of our dance. I had longed to touch you here for so long and slowly slid my fingers into that sweet velvet warmth that is only meant for the woman who would gladly die for you.

 Oh my dear, you were so shy and so eager and I let myself slide my hand between your legs and slowly began to glide my fingers over your swollen clitoris and you cried out . I knew you wanted more and I slid my fingers deep inside of you and moved with your rythmn. Your velvet wetness spilled out to welcome me and I gave you what you had been craving.

 You were meant to be loved like this and I knew this arrousel was something new to you. You caught on quickly and moved on my ever deepening fingers and groaned as your clitoris grew under my touch. I so wanted to satisfy that last sense ---- taste --- but decided to save that for next time. You were so close and I wanted to watch your face as you had your first orgasm from a woman. 

 I didn't have long to wait. Your urgency grew and you grabbed my hand and pulled me hard into you and felt me enter you and increase my touch on your clitoris ------ feeling it come to a point and feeling your muscles contact into an incedible and joyful orgasm. You shook under me and I covered you with my own womanhood and held you tight until you quit shaking. 

 When your orgasm subsided, I looked into your eyes and the tears I alway knew were there, came. I have never loved you more than I did at that moment.

 I am shaken from my reverie by the beep of a horn that makes me jump. There you are my darling ---- you have no idea where I have been in my mind. I jump from my car and you run to me and we hug as we feel the rest of the world slip away. What delights are ahead of us today???? ------- To be continued

©White Iris




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