Wordly Seanley
     ...The Poetry of Seanley Donnachaidh

Seek, Search, Destroy
Wet Snow
Second Date
Creative Differences

About the Author

On a cold, dark moonless night, I was born to my Scottish Dragon mother and my English Lion father. From early on Mother taught me the gentle side of the Dragon life, reading, writing and poetry. Father taught me to hunt for my food and fend for myself. At 18 I was sent to find a life of my own. 

I soon discovered a distinct distaste for males and found the companionship of a female to be a truly wonderful experience. When my parents discovered this, I was banished to the New World. There I discovered my own true self. I began writing, but soon found myself limited by the fact I had no oposing thumbs. I sought a cure from Gaidian, a Sorcerer who studied under Merlin. Gaidian had been a Knight for King John, but didn't have the heart to go with him on the Crusades. He sought refuge from Merlin who taught him all he needed to know.

Gaidian could only give me human thumbs as these were the only thumbs he knew. I was curious as to what it would be like to be human, and before I knew it, I WAS human. Gaidian didn't know how he did it, but I think he brought out my one true self. 

I now live quietly with my new found lover, Lady Em Donnachaidh, in a quaint little cottage by Loch Ness. Every once and again, I see my mother go for a swim. She knows I am there. She shuns me, but she loves me. I am human, but with a Dragons wit and a Lions heart!

Seanley Donnachaidh






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