"Jelly-Side Down"
by artis wilder


They said there were lots of women at the party.
I didn't see them.
I only saw her.
Over there. Talking to someone. 
She studied me through the corners of her eyes.
The air vibrated around her.
She laughed and my knees buckled.
She tossed her black mane over her shoulders,
and squirmed from head to toe
settling everything in it's place.
Oohh, those places.....

"Santa Fe Seduction" © M. Reber

Her breasts were eager to be free and alive
as her fingers stroked the glass tenderly.
The walls swayed with the rhythm of her hips
as she crossed the room.
She slipped to my side, 
like a sleek ship berthing in still waters,
and slung her hip into mine.
She sipped her wine.
and her eyes held mine over the glass,
"Hey Stud", she said.

I didn't have 
a snowball's chance in hell.....

© artis wilder

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