From Australia With Love
by Barbara A. Taylor

December 25, 2000

When time is sparing
it’s not Christmas,
but mellow songs of birds
chorusing like angels,
that bring true joy
and hallelujah harmony;
it’s fresh ocean breezes
with wind in my hair,
and the salty smell of sea
that make me thirsty, yearn
for your sun-kissed energy;
it is the feel of the waves
and the sensing of tides,
roaring, eddying, spume and spray
on craggy starfish’d rocks
this Christmas day;
alone with dolphins
I’ll swim till sun sets,
when reflected lights on water shine
like shimmering diamonds,
this perfect summer night;
I’ll be thinking of you  coldness, ice and snow,
afar in glistening white landscapes
of sparkling crystal’d pine cones

and forever, red robins sing.

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