From Australia With Love
by Barbara A. Taylor

The Rise and Fall of Citriodora
Adieu Roselina
Broken Links
Connecting I & II
December 25, 2000
Flashing Silver
Journey to the Centre
I Am Who I Am
Seventh Heaven
Short Stories
Alienation Revisited

About the Author
Barbara is a shermit. She writes short stories and poems from her rustic 
home in Rainbow Country, sub tropical New South Wales, Australia. She lives 
happily with her partner, Nimu, a gorgeous Border Collie X, and strives to maintain five organic acres on her beautiful mountain top. 
She is a regular reader at local Stand Up Poets evenings, and has read her works on radio and live on-line. 
Her fiction and poetry have been published on various websites and print journals. 

She is a member of the Far North Coast Fellowship of Australian Writers. Barbara hopes to publish a novel one day, when she stops dreaming.


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