Triggered   Spectre
**Warning: material may trigger**


Would a bullet have saved us from you, Monster?
Would a bullet have saved us from him, Monster's Spawn?

Monster whose acts I can't quite recall--
My psyche's spectre
Pissant Spawn whos acts are all too vivid--
Ever lurking, springing forth
Monster destroyer of childhoods--
Damning babies to haunted blank stares
Pissant Spawn ruined child--
Destroyer, Life Thief
Monster, I hope I was your last
Pissant Spawn, a bullet would have made me your last.

Ding Dong the Monster's dead 

Pissant Spawn,raped, rapist... raped
Pissant Spawn didn't stand a chance
Not as a little boy with no protector
Not in a jail cell against four big men
Pissant Spawn used his knife
Pissant Spawn took a woman's life

I was a child who dared not tell
I am the adult who lived in terror that you would find me
Each time you got out of jail
I am the adult who kept my silence
I can not take their horrors away
I can not bring her life back
There are so many days
That I live with the guilt
For sparing you that bullet.


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