Pa Pa

We should erect a cenotaph
In your dishonor
You caused endless pain.
Even after they laid
Copper pieces over your eyes
Your rhapsody of shame
Enveloped all you touched.
Some who were fortunate to 
Never have known you
Were still sullied.
You left a legacy
He was too young
To become a monster.
Hope for a life outside his cell
Is an undefinable terror
For me
Who spared his life
The day I couldn't tell
My father what he did
To me
Daily I regret my silence
My silent impassioned plea
That he stays in jail
Where he is safe
Where 14 year old girls
Are safe from him
Four survived
One did not.
I wonder PaPa
Were you watching from 
Somewhere beyond 
The crescent
The afternoon that
They took the 
To his mother's funeral
In shackles?


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