Spirit My Child Away
 ...by b. e. cotton
Spirit my child away from the privation
That is my existence
For I must be a changeling
These people cannot possibly be my
Real parents:
He who tips his bottle back
She who wields the leather strap.
I am invisible
I am intangible
I am unlovable
Seeking halcyon amongst the trees
That shelter me
Keeping my secrets 
I speak phatically
The trees know the language
Of my heartspeak
I know not their ancient tongue
The willows weep 
When the child's soul is numb
The white birches whisper
Hello as their leaves
Chatter in the wind
And my Ancient friend
The pine in Cuppie's back field
With her branches that are
Taller than any one can reach
Absorbs what I agonize
But cannot feel
Into her trunk
And somewhere releases pitch.
I age, time heals, Che' feels
I teach myself respect
I give myself permission to be hedonistic
I accept the rose
From her heart
I believe
I am visible
I am tangible
I am lovable


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