Chapter 4
Without turning on the light, we kissed.  One of the floodlights on the side of the house cast a dim light into the room. She pushed me onto the bed; then, crawled on top of me.  I loved the feel of her weight on me.  My hands tangled in her mass of red hair.  I buried my face in her neck. Her scents permeated my senses… soap, shampoo, and unmasked desire.  My hands roamed over her back.  Finding my way beneath her sweater, I unhooked her bra.  Maxine hadn't worn bras; it had been a long time since I'd had to deal with one.  As I reached her front, I marveled at her softness… how her breasts filled my hands and then some.

" Know what?" She whispered into my ear.

"What, Hon?"

"We're wearing far too many clothes."

"Think so?"   It's amazing how a single observation can open the floodgates.

"MMMM Hmmm." She nipped my ear.

"Oh my! "  I kissed her with unbridled hunger. Our intensity took on a new level… we entered new lover's fugue.  She unbuckled my belt, and undid the button on my jeans.

"What are you waiting for, Lover?"  I wanted her more than anything.  My brain was doing the angel/devil thing:::: It's her first time::: Do her::: Be gentle::: She wants you, Do her::: Take your time::: 

" I want you to remember this.  It's your first time: I want to be good to you… I want you to remember."

" I've been waiting forever.  I want you, now.  Touch me here."  She put her hand between my legs.  I gasped and softly cried out.  Any sense of clarity vanished… my little devil snickered.

" 'Kay."  I traced her crotch with my middle and index fingers. She was wet through her slacks. " So, you want me to touch you here?"  I rubbed her in emphasis. She pushed onto my hand.

"Yes."  Connie whispered.

"Yes.  In time, My Dear, in time."  I removed my hand. I rolled us onto our sides and placed my watch and ring on the nightstand.  " This needs to come off." I pulled her sweater over her head.  Her bra came off with it.  The two kept company as I tossed them into a corner. My mouth went dry.  I kissed her.  I slowed to savor her.  I wanted to remember this. I stroked her belly… lost in the warm softness.  She tugged my sweater off and unbuttoned my shirt.  Our clothes mingled in a heap. She pulled me to her.

"Skin" Our hands roamed.

" Goddess, You're beautiful."  I covered her face with soft kisses.  I kissed her mouth slowly drawing her into me…. Making her a part of me.  My tongue showed her everything that I felt.  I melted into her.  I wanted to give her everything.  She gripped the back of my head… I couldn't have come up for air if I had wanted to… So, I let myself drown in Connie. She wrapped her legs around my thigh.  I rolled her onto her back.  I traced her jawline with my tongue then dove into her mouth for another kiss. I removed my thigh; she sighed. I slowly kissed, sucked and nibbled my way over her neck and ears. My tongue darted here and there.   My hands kneaded her breasts as I toyed with her nipples with my thumbs. I resisted the urge to pounce on her nipples with my mouth.  Instead, I covered the outside of her breasts with slow, hot kisses.  I worked my way around and inward.  I lapped the sweat from her cleavage.  My kisses became frenzied.  I popped her nipple into my mouth and suckled her.  She moaned.

I moved my hand to the top of her slacks.  I unbuttoned them and unzipped them.  Then I moved my hand inside the waistband of her underwear.  She tugged on my jeans and we stripped to our underwear. I caressed the fleshy mound below her navel. Her legs spread as she pushed against my hand.  Supporting my self with one elbow, I lay there gazing at her face.  She stroked my face with the back of her hand.  Her eyes held the look of total trust.  I kissed her gently. A lump caught in my throat and I suddenly felt frightened.  "What do you want?" I asked.
"You, please."  Her two words rocked me.
"Oh my. Are you sure?"  The inkling that I was her first drove me insane.

" May I make love to you? " She pushed my head downward. I worked my way toward her center with a trail of molten kisses.  I wanted to love her until my face chapped.  I laid my cheek against her mound and breathed in her scent. I planted slow hot kisses over the out side of her underwear.  My fingers toyed with the leg elastics.  I moved them aside and planted a slow first kiss upon the lips that I'd been craving. I parted her with my tongue and plunged inside. She pounded the bed with her fists. 

" These need to come off."  I threw the underwear into the pile and began feasting.  She was ovulating… my favorite flavor of the month.  I lost myself in the shear gluttony of a feeding frenzy of one who had fasted for far too long. She didn't seem to mind…. My hands would not be left out; and soon, they joined in the festivities.  Each time she clamped her thighs shut I thought my nose would break.  Her hands were in my hair as she rode my face. Her heels ground into my calves. I gorged until my face felt chapped and bruised, my jaw locked and my tongue could no longer move.  My elbows were raw from the bedspread burns.  And still, she wanted more.  Finally, she was still.  The spread was soaked with her sweat.  I retraced my kiss trail up her body and took her in my arms. I planted a slow deep kiss on her mouth and she sucked her juices from my tongue.

"How are you?"  I asked.  I rocked her and caressed her.

" Will probably be pretty sore…"

"We both will be." I laughed and rubbed my jaw. She was shivering; so, I pulled a dry part of the bedspread over us.  She started to tremble and I heard her sob.  I held her as closely as it is possible for one body to hold another taking her inside my skin.  I stroked her hair.  "I love you, Connie," I barely whispered into her neck.  And I did love her.  I wanted to keep her safe.  I breathed her into me and I joined with her… One flesh. She kissed me; and the taste of her tears mingled with the taste of her in my mouth. I drank her.

"You okay?"

"I think so… That's never happened."

"What Hon?"

"I never cried afterward."

"Did I hurt you?"

" I might not be able to pee; but otherwise, I'm doing pretty great." I kissed the end of her nose.

We laid together in suspended animation… Kissing endless kisses… murmuring first lover's sweet words… lost.  Her kisses became slow and deep my body responded.

"I want you; it's my turn."  Her mouth found my neck.  I groaned; I wanted; I ached; I hurt for her touch. I was afraid that it would be over too quickly for me… it had been so long since I had been made love to.  I could not speak; there were no words.  Each tentative touch drove me more deeply into the mattress.  My body screamed impatiently.  My body and my mind were enthralled. Her hands roamed over me and my hips rose off the bed, begging for her attention.  An eternity later, her hand was moving downward.  She snapped the waistband of my underwear.
"What are these doing here?" I hadn't a clue how they had gotten there.  When she put her hand inside, I stopped breathing.

"Please."  My underwear was plastered to me and I felt a slight breeze as the material pulled away from my body.  Her hand cupped me and I rocked into her.  She plunged her tongue into my mouth my senses went into override. Under Connie's touch, The caged animal in my soul leaped through the open door and escaped back to its homeland. She spread me with her fingers and I screamed into her mouth.  Her instincts took over --as it does when women love each other and worries about fumbling disappear. One by one, Connie flung my cage doors open as she explored the compound.  Soon, all of my wildest soul creatures returned, roaring, screaming, screeching, and howling, to their natural environment.  I'd been penned up way too long. 

" I love you." I rasped.  She answered me with kisses.  With my parched throat quenched, my body satiated, my heart filled and my soul freed, I allowed Connie to hold me in safety.

"Feel better?"

"Uh Huh.  Thank you"

"Think we should get under the covers, Love?"

"I like it when you call me that.  Let's get warm."  She pulled back the covers.
"Which side?"

"Outside… that okay?"

"I like the inside.  Otherwise, I'd have to wrestle you for it."

"That could be fun.  I think I want the inside."  She jumped under the covers.
"Mine… too late, you picked."  I rolled on top of her, kissed her soundly, then, I pinned her to the mattress.

"Oh Yeah." She rolled me off her and soon reversed our positions.

"Yeah."  She leaned in to kiss me, pulled back; and instead, she lapped the side of my face.  She straddled my hips and dangled her breasts just out of reach of my mouth.

"Tease."  She moved in close enough to barely brush the tip of her nipple against my lips.  Then, she backed off.

"Think so?" I squirmed beneath her… pretending to struggle.

"Uh huh"

"Poor Baby.  So what are you gonna do now?  Bet you'd just love to kiss me right here."  The nipple brushed my lips and then disappeared.

"Uh Huh."  She lowered herself lengthwise on me.  Our thighs fit magically between each other's legs.  She still held my hands and kept her face just a smidgen away from my reach.  No matter which way I stretched my neck, I couldn't quite touch her.  She kissed me quickly, then left me longing for the pressure of her mouth. 
"Tease.  You're beautiful."  Her hair tickled my nose.  More hair brushed against my nipples.

"Glad you think so."  Our bodies squirmed gently in rhythm.  She kissed me hard; again, she left me wanting her.  I bent my leg ever-so-slightly, and ground into her.  I pulled away.  Tit for tat.  My thigh was slick from the contact. 

"Woman, I've fallen ass end over tea kettle for you."

"I love you too."  This time, when our lips met, she didn't pull away.  I accepted her greedily.

"You want me to get back on my side of the bed?" Connie's kiss made it cleat that I would be staying put for quite some time.  She still held my arms.  I wanted to hold her to me; yet, I had no desire to be free.  I bent my knee.  We bucked against each other… rocking as one … building … burning… wild.  Our sweat puddled, blending on my stomach; a drop trailed down my side, tracking onto the sheet.  The air filled with sweet smells of woman sex made unique by our scents.  She freed my hands.  Grabbing her ass, I pulled her against my thigh.  Our voices mingled.  Her sounds saturated my spirit and sent a power surge into my clitoris. My fingers found her and I made love to her.  She followed my lead and plunged her fingers into me.  We fed off each other's energy.  Each rush brought us over the brink and back until we finally collapsed in each other's arms. Our fingers were stiff and water logged. I pulled the covers over her and kissed her forehead.  We lay in contented silence.  She traced lines in my flesh with her index finger.

"You okay? I'm not too heavy am I?"

"You feel just right.  Move over a bit though-- you're on my bladder."

"Oh" She shifted her weight and the pressure lessened.

"You doin' okay?"

"Yeah, You okay?"

"I'm great.  And so are you by-the-way"

"I was scared I wouldn't do it right."  I pulled her close and kissed her neck.

"You did everything right."  She moved off to my side.  I snuggled on her shoulder.  I leaned in to suckle her breast.  She groaned in quick, sharp orgasm.

"Oh my."


"I love you."

"I love you too.  I really need to pee."  I crawled over her.  I stopped long enough to kiss her.

" Keep that up and I won't let you go."

"I'd pee the bed."

"That won't do… go" She slapped my ass.  "Hurry back."  I got out of bed and she yelled "Nice Ass Check It out Chicky Chicky." I mooned her and left the room.  When I got back, she left to take her turn in the bath room.  I looked out the bedroom window.  It was still snowing.  The snow hung from the wires and weighted down the trees.  I looked forward to waking to a picture perfect morning.

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