Lyrical Girl
from the Album "Now"

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Copyright 2003 Corinne Curcio

I know a girl who smiles through tears

And she does so every day

Stormy weather or fair

Light and shadows follow everywhere

Beyond compare, Lyrical Girl

She's a study in contradiction

Optimistically filled with doubt

Though life is bittersweet

She won't crumble in defeat

She's completely Lyrical Girl

Looking out the window

Trying to touch the sky

Let gentle breezes lift you

And teach you how to fly

She spreads love far and wide

But please don't give it all away

Keep a little for yourself

Jump down from that shelf

Can I help, Lyrical Girl?

Wishing on a star is

What she's settled for

Live your dreams out loud

And ask for so much more

She's says her heart is an open book

That she reads from every day

Strong as can be

But she breaks so easily

She's a sweet Lyrical Girl

I repeat, you're Lyrical Girl

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