So Soon

Cabbage White Butterfly
Here already? So soon!
I watch her flit impatiently 
On buds she wishes
Would hurry up and bloom 

And Bumblebees rush about
“Where is the nectar?
I’m hungry as can be”
They dance and dart
And shout at me!

And birds all ‘round fly up and down
Hairy Woodpecker
Black Capped Chickadee
Resplendent in their feathery dress
They speak their truth to me

A bud of a boy bounds by 
Spring incarnate is he
Delighting in the newness 
Of his world
Still untouched by life’s insincere apology

But I am drenched in the warmth of Spring
Pouring down on me
Glad winter’s dance is done
Though she will again come
Here already? So soon! 
Ah me!

© Corinne Curico




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