Holding Pattern

Whenever I watch
Two people greet 
Each other in the street 
I contemplate 
The nature of their relationship

I can tell if theirs 
Is a “Sheesh, 
I just saw you yesterday”
Kind of acquaintance
Where nods may be exchanged

Or if one must feign affection
Then protocol demands
An “A-Frame” hug
And air kisses
That warn: “Keep your distance”

But it is the shriek of joy 
That truly draws my attention
For both parties,
Too much time has elapsed
Since last they met

While witnessing 
Their tight embraces
I’m transfixed 
And feel 
Traces of you

An ache spreads through my chest
I am aware just how 
Light and empty 
My arms feel

And in that momentary pang
There hangs 
An eternity 
Of longing

© Corinne Curico



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