Meet the Staff 
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Meet Bec
aka Cltcgdss
Creator-founder of

An Ohio native, Bec lives in Cleveland with her partner, Che', and a menagerie of critters. A love of the written word, and fantasy authors in particular, inspired the budding novel "Sword of the Dragon Moon", which ultimately gave birth to the Creative-Women domain.  In preparing the fantasy story for the web, Bec thought that it would be wonderful if a site dedicated to showcasing other lesbian writers was available.

After inviting other lesbian writers to donate material, Creative-Women was formed, and made it's debut to the WWW in October, 1999. The site has since blossomed into an extensive showcase of lesbian writers, artists and craftswomen from all over the world. You can read Bec's poetry and stories here.

Che' & Bec

Meet Lynn 
aka Eaglehart

Lynn resides in Louisiana with her partner, Di.

Lynn's eye for details and sense of artistry has made her an invaluable asset to Creative-Women. She spends many hours adding new material, special effects, and imagery to the site. Her constant upgrades and improvements has helped Creative-Women to evolve from a handful of web pages to an extensive showcase of Lesbian artistry. Thanks Lynn!

An excellent poet and writer, Lynn especially enjoys collaborative writing endeavors with other women, creating such delights as "The Sirra Chronicles".  You can read Lynn's work here on CW!

Lynn and "wolf-friend"

Meet Lili
aka Lilifyre3
aka Swanchylde

Lili currently resides in Florida with her partner, Cass. After seeing her poetry integrated into Creative-Women, Lili decided she wanted to learn how to create web pages, and learn she did! Lili has found creating web pages a natural outlet for her creative talents, and Creative-Women has benefited from her unselfish generosity of time and talent. Thanks Lili!

Lili and Cass

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