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>> Off The Presses - A Quick Look at New Books by Lesbian Authors <<
Welcome to!
The web's largest collection of lesbian poetry, art and music

This site is dedicated to showcasing the creative talents of amateur and professional lesbian authors, artists, poets, musicians, songwriters, crafts women ...and just about any other creative artistic medium you can think of! You're about to browse through what we consider one of the largest collections of artistically presented lesbian women's poetry, literature and art on the web!

Areas within Creative-Women. com were deliberately created to give the feeling that you are on individual sites for each creative woman, thereby giving each aurhor or artist a personal and distinctive "feel" for their material, however, it's all one big domain!

We're currently celebrating our 10th year on the web! Starting with a dream and a handful of authors and artists, in Oct. 1999, we've expanded to include the talents of over 80 lesbian women from all around the world! What an exciting ride it has been, and we look forward to bringing to you even more fantastic writers, artists, craftswomen and musicians in the months ahead. Our thanks to everyone who has made this site possible! You made the dream a reality!

From Bec's desk ...

Well the web continues to evolve with all sorts of scripts and website tools and it's time to figure out how to make this website more dynamic for both contributors and readers. While I work towards that eventuality - submissions of new material and book announcements will have to be temporarily closed.

What I want to do is create a my-space type site for the creative lesbian community, where you'd have your own blog space and can add new writings, post podcasts of your music, share your latest artwork photos and so on.

I have also had to remove the story posting board and the guestbook, due to a huge mess created by spammers. When the new CW format goes live, we will have a new forum, plus a real link trading feature that isn't hosted on an outside resource. The post a story board is still active, with new posts happening, so do check it out.

Over 200 Writers
Grants and Awards also has a webring that any woman with a creative type site, containing poetry, artwork, etc can join.
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