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The Poets
"Poetic Dalliances With An Eagle" ...  by Lynn Kupfer (Eaglehart)
"The Howling of the Moon"   ...   by Bec Harpold (Cltcgdss)
"Tales From The Corkbook" ... by B. E. Cotton
"Jelly-Side Down"   ... by artis wilder aka Artnurd
"The Writings of Mongsee"  ... by Marcia Wickes
"Poetic License" Geddes Fielder
"The Dragon Scrolls"    ...   by Lady Ranea of Dragons Heart
"Woman to Woman"    ... by Oceanldy
"Hot Flashes"   ... by L. B. Fine
"Finn's Place"... by Finn Ahern
"Mountain Prose" ... Poetryby PJ
"The Poetry of a Multiple Personality" ...   by KCStars,  aka: K.C. Rinker
"Dark Angel of Shadows"   ...   Poetry by Christy aka MinxDMon
"Spirits In The Wind"    ...   by P D Hemrick aka Windfield
"Between the Worlds... Realm of the Swanchylde" Lili Swan
"The Poetry of NaffyNaff"
"Poetry From The Heart II" by Denise Gabrielle
"Virtual Poetry Fridge"     ... the poetry of Iklektik
"Collage Effect" by Iklektik
"City Living" ... by Chocolate Waters
"Sacred Space" Kari Crosby
"My World"  ... by Leta M. Grieves
"Bonfire Of The Heart" ... by Ria
"The Poetry of Angel" Angel
"Whispers From The Shadowlands"   ...   by HawkDMon
"Sharings from the Muse" by Bonnie Gardner
"Reality: Experience Is A Good Teacher" by Cassandra Dillon
"SnuglPod's DreamGrll World" ...CJ 
"Wordly Seanley"    ... Seanley Donnachaidh
"Changing Seasons" ... by Sue Nosker aka SuChristina
"Passions and Poisons" Stacey S. Baker
"Musings of a Taurean Woman" Sharlie Mello
"Poetic Education"   ... by L. Monique
"In And Out of the Rain" Love of the Rain
"The Universal Woman" .... by Frieda Groffy (Belgium)
"My Garden" Kymskittn
"Jeneration III" Jen C.
"Songs from Out of the Southern Shadows" Tanith McKlane
"WyldDuv's Whispering Wings" WyldDuv
"From Australia With Love" B. A. Taylor (Australia)
"A Crone's Poems & Ponderings"    ... Judith Treecrone
"Potpourri of Emotions" Soulstar 2000
"Sanity in the Stillness" ...Heather K. O'Brien
"Creative Expressions"   ... by Robin Harbin
"Red Hot Heart" S. J. Perkins
"The Words of My Life"by Lea Murray-Macfadden
"Let It Flow - A Poetic Journey" ... by Earlene McCoy aka Flowtrvlr
"Selected Works" ... by A.J. Evola
"Random Thoughts and Revelations" by Lynne Cherry Jordan
"An Artist's Haven" ... by DevenK
"Touch Me There" by Splitfeathers
"Inspired Woman" ... by Karen Godson
"Peripheral Vision" ... Poetry by Felix
"As A Way To Extend Eyes' Other End " ... by Arial Vas
"Earth Whispers" ... by Kathy aka Starspirit2
"Mine is the Sunrise" ....Ginnie Principe
"Searching for One" ... by "One"
"Passion and Peace"... by Martha Delk aka Wolfsol01
"Recesses of Fantasy"... by Judy Sammons
"Thirsting"... by Victoria Evans
"Poetic Scripts" Tyeastia Green
"The Urban Experience" Natalie N. Narine
"Confessions" Laura Lord
"Hectic Thoughts" Erin
"Inside The Woman Inside" Delvora King