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The Artists
{This category includes art, photoart, crafts, sculpture}

"Capturing the Forces of Earth Medicine" by photographer Donna Neal
"Artistic Natural Nudes" by Gunilla Roswall
 Woodsculpture Michele Lee Crick
In Her Image - The Imaginative Paintings of ...Madison Mikel Weiss
The Artistry of Blaze Blaze
Sculpture and Drawings PJ
Where Imagination Meets the Rainbow ... by Rebecca Phillips
Drawings Lili Swan
"Cassavant's Castle of Creativity" Mary Rose Cassavant
"All Heart"  Photos and Stories by Pasdenuage
"Jelly-Side Down" by artis wilder aka Artnurd
The Artistry of  Denise Gabrielle
"Spirits In The Wind" by PD Hemrick
"A Stitch In Time-Is Art" by P. Puster

The Musicians
Songwriter/Musician Corrine Curcio
"Jana: Words In Your Eyes"  ...The Music of Jana
Miss Money - R&B and HipHop Recording Artist
"Virginia Slam!" ...Leslie Nuchow
Estrogen - The Band

The StoryBards
"The Howling of the Moon" Bec Harpold aka Cltcgdss
"Tales From the Corkbook" B. E. Cotton
"Woman to Woman" Oceanldy
"Xena Fan Fic" ...and other stories ... by DevenK
"Labrys Tales" Ali and Larissa Naro
"From Australia With Love" B.A. Taylor
"The Writings of Mongsee" Marcia Wickes
"The Sirra Chronicles:  A Fantasy Collaboration"  L. Kupfer
"Poetic License" ... Geddes Fielder
"Hot Flashes" L. B. Fine
"Excerpts of a Wired Woman" ...PD Hemrick
"Touch Me There" by Splitfeathers
"Looking Back"    ...bySarah Jane
"All Heart"  ...Writings and Photos by Pasdenuage
"Wanderings" White Iris
"Whispers From The Shadowlands"   ...HawkD'Mon
"Very Traditional" Lili Swan
"Sharings from the Muse" Bonnie Gardner
"Passion Play" Gabrielle St.Charles
"Passions and Poisons" Stacey S. Baker (Ven)
"Flames of Desire" Tiffany Shere

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