About the Author

It is hard to say what the most important things about me are. I guess  that which really makes us who we are, are our passions. I have three passions. My passion for my Lady, my passion for words and my passion for my earth and sky. All of these blend together when I write, which is why I usually write about love. I believe love is the most important force in life. The search for it. The need of it. The heady, flowing thrill of it. 

My passion for words is a gift given to me by my Mom. She also taught me to revere nature. She taught me that we are part of the natural flow of life and, only when we live in harmony with nature, can we be completely at peace. She gave me my love of words when I was very small. Trips to the library were always a must for my Mom. I remember looking at a huge dictionary when I was about four years old and thinking that someday I would know all those words. I still do not know all the words, but I am working on it. I am awed by the simple fact that we can put symbols on a page and make people understand what we mean, make them feel what we feel, make them see what we see.  It fills me with wonder.

My earth and sky. It is hard to describe my connection with the two. It is not only that I live here. I am part of all the flowing energy, all the life which exists. It is a wondrous journey.

My Lady and I live in eastern Pennsylvania. And what can I say about the greatest wonder in my life? My greatest supporter. The one who dreams with me. The inspiration for all my words. She is my heart. Anything I could say about her is written in my poems.

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