Fame and fortune is not the centerpiece of Cassandra's life. It is the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that strengthens her through life's daily journeys. She says that "writing is my life and (her life is meant) to tell life stories."

She is soft, hard, mental at the most and sincere. Her love is a God given gift which she chooses to share with the rest of the world. That gift is creative writing. Creative writing for Cassandra consists of Poetry, Spoken Words, Songwriting and she has recently branched into CD Music Publishing.

Being a Libra she balances her scales. She has had to struggle with growing up in a Christian household, acceptance of her lifestyle, being black and being a woman. Cassandra has had more than her shares of ups and downs,and the in and outs and life experiences. She chooses to put all of her experiences, as well as others that she has encountered along her journey, into her book as well as songs. When asked what is her best experience in life, she responded: "Experience is a good teacher. It takes someone like me to know."


Cassandra Dillon's work has been featured in the books "America at the Millennium; The Best Poems and Poets of the 20th Century" and "A Celebration of Poets". She has had interviews with media outlets that find her work very different, real and outspoken. She touches on everyday life situations and she can relate to any situation that anyone has faced.Those situations are poignantly brought to life in her book "Reality Poems". The above menu of poems is a small selection from her book.

Dillon is currently working on her next book titled "From Where I'm Standing".

"Reality Poems" by Cassandra Dillon is available through Amazon.com or the author's website.

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