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Crush by Default
(© Markowitz 2001)

Listen to a cut from "Crush By Default"

We meet to see a movie
It starts at half past 8

She almost leaves before it ends

Of course, I think itís great

And Iím thinking:
I like the line from her shoulder to her chin

And sheís got firm fingers and really smooth skin

And we both love dancing and a thick juicy steak

So what if the conversation doesnít really take?

And now I know
Itís been so long without a

Ainít nothiní wrong with a

Guess I just belong in a

Crush by Default


Now Iím having drinks with friends of mine
And Iím watching him in action

I thought that he was gay at first

It adds to the attraction

And Iím thinking:
I like the way he leans forward in his chair

And his big brown eyes and the curls in his hair

Itís a way to explore my bisexuality

Though I may get sick of his strong personality

And I
I think Iím ready for a 

Nice and steady one, a

Dreamy heady one a

Crush by Default

Itís not a crush, I know a crush because Iíve felt it before
An ďI canít sleep,Ē a drunken state of mind

Where you feel that youíll just burst if you donít get any more

But how I feel, itís more like:

Yeah, this could be fine

So I go to a picnic
And thereís this woman there

We donít have much in common

But sheís got nice teeth and wavy hair

And Iím thinking:
Sheís small and skinny and sheís surely not my type

That is, except for the fact that sheís a dyke

But what the hell, sheís unattached and Iím ripe

Besides, I think relationships are all a lot of hype

And now I know
That I am in it now

In just a minute now

It ainít no sin

Itís just a Crush by Default

Oh, yes I know it's not so great
But itís a way to get a date

And it seems to be my fate

Itís just a Crush by Default 

(Carol: Drums, Violin, Lead VocalÖCorinne: Guitar, harmonicaÖLori: Backing Vocal)

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