The Rainbow

3-D Art 
Rebecca Phillips

© Rebecca Phillips

About The Artist 

My roots are deep within the arts, back to the age of five years old when my mother enrolled me  in the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music (now Univ. of the Arts) where I studied applied music in piano and theory.  Later I also added theater arts with the Children's Repertory Theater.  This  early involvement with music and theater set a course of awareness and vision in the arts which i still maintain at  the age of 55 yrs. 

With the advent of PowerMacIntosh computers I began working with computer generated 3D in 1994.  It was in 1999, upon my return home from having suffered a major stroke, that i gave my artistic  abilities an application which proved essential to my own life and well-being, incoporating fractals to my 3D work.  This, i somehow knew intuitively I must do in an attempt to organize my own mind after the stroke...and yes it worked and i am well recovered.

The same spirit of the Muse  has followed through my life since I first touched the keys of a piano at age five to now working with a computer keyboard and mouse to create these pictures.  Art has made me go on living and becoming all these decades of life with all the turmoils destiny throws upon a woman.  But with art as my guide...I have repeatedly ascended!  Thank you Muse, in all your forms!

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