"Poetry From the Heart II"
by Denise Gabrielle


It's Just A Job
She stands looking at me, so exquisite that I suck in my breath at the sight of her. "Will you please do it?" I ask.

With hands on her hips she looks at me intently. I can see the questions running through her mind. After a while she says yes. 

"Great" I reply and we walk to my house. At this point I am excited. I have been waiting for this for so long. I can't help but smile to myself thankful that I got so lucky. I show her the bedroom and of course the bed. She walks around for a while examining everything in the room. I stand back and watch her as her long, dark hair sways.

Her walk mesmerizes me, the curve of her hips tantalizes and I know just what I'll do with the long legs that I can't take my eyes off of. She turns around and stands looking at me.

"Ok." I say, "Take off your clothes." She doesn't turn away, just stares into my eyes and slowly removes every piece of clothing.

 I try to stay focused but this woman has started a fire inside me. "Lay down on the bed." I tell her. She does and I walk over and arrange the sheet over her- barely covering her stomach, part of the sheet covering one leg, the other leg dangles over the side of the bed. I look, wanting so bad to touch  but no, I can't. 

Then I whisper, "Relax baby. Just lay back and dream and I will do the rest." I walk back away from her slowly, trying not to disturb the mood and I walk over to my easel and paints and happily start painting.

©Denise Gabrielle 3/13/1998


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