About The Author

My name is Geddes Fielder and I am originally from London.  I live in San Francisco with my partner, and we will celebrate 16 years together in July of 2003.   Our little one is now 3 and a half years old and no longer a tiny baby. 

 I have my own business taking care of pets and am still working on a book of chldrens' verse and stories. 

Since I first joined Creative Women,  I have become an American Citizen which means I can now vote.  That's a big deal to me. September 11th changed the face of the world forever and it is a good thing to be able to have a part in electing leaders who understand the world and its climate.
  I have had my poetry published in anthologies including 'the other side of midnight', 'The girls' story,  and also in a magazine called gaia....a London based paper. I have also given readings at women's events in London and here in SF at our local library and bookstore. 

My poetry is a compulsion that I cannot quite live without and I hope that you enjoy what you see here.

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