About the Author
Tyeastia Green

I'm from Minneapolis....but born in Kankakee, Il, a small town outside of Chicago. I was raised fatherless, and grew up on welfare, without the things that I wanted, including friends.I realized my talent for poetry in the sixth grade. The poem was called, The Girl Who Sits Alone.

It was basically about the loneliness I felt in grammar school. No one wanted to be my friend, so I sat alone, while hearing the snickers, laughs, and cracks about me behind my back.

Up until high school, my poetry was about being lonely. In college, it was about wanting and needing love, feeling misunderstood, anger, and pain.

Now, that I'm 27 years old, my poetry is more about me, things that I see, and things that I feel. It's also about passion, and eroticism. 

I've been published in several books over the years. Mainly those accomplishments came from being listed on and entering contests on www.poetry.com

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