"Whispers From The Shadowlands"
by HawkDMon
Lady Chandra's Hearth

  It had been a long border tour, with very few incidences. I was happy for that. The last few years I had seen some fierce border wars with Bandits and mercenaries of our enemies. This year it had been different. The leaders were talking, not well, but it was a start and it showed along the borders. All through the summer months we had been traveling, camping, and occasionally fighting. Now it was time to go home. The first snow fall had occurred, not enough to really stick on the ground. Instead it melted and made the roads home muddy, bogging us down at times.

 I drew the troops to a stop as I hit the last hill before home. I looked down on the large Keep with the village on it's east side. Home. Well, home for the last five years. I had joined Lady Chandra's private army. The Lord having just died. It was risky, as most noble women cannot keep their lands whole or prosperous without a Lord there to rule, but Lady Chandra was different. 

 A cheer went up through the line as the troops glanced the Keep. Even the most weary among us sat up straighter on his horse. We were dirty, our last bath was 5 days ago, in a freezing stream yet. It seemed forever since I'd had a warm bath. 

 I waved a signal and urged my horse onwards. We entered the town with our banners held high, amid cheers from the townsfolk. Many under my command had families in the village. Only the single soldiers or officers actually slept in the barracks or smaller private rooms reserved for officers. I was one of the ones that lived on the Keep grounds, rather than in town. I even did one better, I lived in the keep itself, not in the barracks that were connected to it on both east and west sides. An honor I was given last year when I was made a Captain by Lady Chandra herself.

 As horse soldiers our first stop is always the barns. It did not matter how tired we were. We had to tend to our mounts first. Lady Chandra entered the stables, dressed in dark burgundy trousers, tunic and black boots, her riding gear. The only symbol of importance was the way she carried herself, the way she spoke, yet one never got the feeling she was talking down to you. I figured that's what really got people to follow her, like me, that plus the obvious evidence that she was a fair and intelligent ruler, loyal to the King, and truly caring for her subjects. The latter was the biggest shock, as Lords and Ladies were not much known for compassion.

 Everyone straightened to attention, dropping whatever was in their hands when they saw her enter. She smiled slightly.

 "No...go back to your horses. I just wished to wish you all a good homecoming." She said as she walked down the corridor, her eyes on me as she spoke. 

 I lowered my eyes as she stopped before me. Looking down at her body, avoiding her face, and admiring her body through the loose fitting tunic and the tight trousers. 

 "Lady Chandra." I said, bowing  slightly.

 "Captain Thena. Welcome home. I wonder if I might have a moment of your time in my quarters?" She said quietly.

 "Yes Milady..now?" I said. I concentrated my gaze on her feet. She was a beautiful woman, still young, with flaxen hair and bright blue eyes.

 "No. Tend your horse, and then yourself. I'd imagine you'd like a good soak with warm water? The weather has been freezing the last few days."

 "Yes Milady, it was. Thank you, a hot soak would be welcome." Neither of us mentioned the fact that I probably reeked of horse and campfires, and sweat from the last few days travel. I don't imagine we smelled better than our mounts. In fact, we probably smelled worse. "Tonight then?"

 "Unless you are too tired. Tis not urgent, Captain." 
 Something in her voice made me look up, and I saw her smiling at me. I blushed and looked down again.

 "I could be presentable in 3 candle marks." I said.

 "Then I shall be expecting you." She turned and walked away. The others paid her no mind as she had already told them to care for their horses, but I did receive a few grins and winks from a few of the men.

 "I think she likes ye, cap'in" my Second said. I simply laughed and threw a brush at him before returning to my mounts care. Ari caught the brush easily and turned back to his own horse.

 I bathed and ate a light meal. My stomach always shrinks on patrol, food not always being plentiful, you learned to adapt. I dressed in my best black trousers, and black tunic. I belted it with a red sash, pulled on a new pair of boots I had hardly broken in before going on patrol. I strapped my long knife on my right and left the sword in my quarters. I wore no other weapons or armor. There was no need. I was home and safe now. I ran my hand through my short brown hair, disgusted a moment at the fact that it did not shine like Lady Chandra's, it wasn't long and full of body like her's. It just laid there and did nothing but cover my scalp.

 I was escorted into Lady Chandra's sitting room. The warmth was welcomed as I sighted the large fire in the hearth. Nearby, were two comfortably padded high backed chairs with a small table between them. The chairs were set almost across from each other, so that the speakers could face each other with ease. Seated in one chair was Lady Chandra herself, dressed in a long, flowing robe of lavender, her blond hair unbraided and falling past her shoulders to her middle back. 

 The escort left as I took the seat offered by Lady Chandra. She poured a glass of wine for us both and toasted my safe return.

 "And to those that didn't make it back." I added somberly.

 We drank and then silence dropped a few moments.

 "This isn't a debriefing tonight Captain," Lady Chandra told me.

 "It isn't?" I said.

 "No, and I doubt you really have more to add than you already put in your wonderfully detailed reports."

 "I made sure to write down every detail." I said with a blush.

 "And with a beautiful script as well." Lady Chandra complimented. I blushed deeper. Lady Chandra set down her wine on the table and rose to her feet gracefully. She walked over to me and laid a light hand on my shoulder.
 "I found that I missed you these summer months," she said.

 "Missed me?" I said. "I don't understand."

 "Stand up Captain." She bid me. I instantly obeyed, setting the wine down first. I faced my Lady and suddenly became nervous over the small distance between our faces. The sweet fragrant scent of Lady Chandra's hair stirred my senses, her deep blue eyes locked onto mine, her lips, full, and begging to be kissed.

 "No!" I yelled at myself. "This is your Liege under the King."

 Lady Chandra's hand was on my shoulder still, and suddenly her lips were on mine. I pulled back slightly out of surprise, but her lips followed mine, persistent, firmer. This time I didn't pull away. I felt her tongue tracing my lips, and so I parted them and allowed her tongue to search out and tease mine.  The Lady stepped onto me, her arms slipping around and holding me close. I melted in her arms with her passionate kiss. 

 Breathless I broke the kiss an found myself staring directly down Lady Chandra's bodice, her robe hanging open loosely to reveal the flawless rounded tops of her breasts. Before I could say a word I felt Lady Chandra's hand behind my head, pulling my lips to meet those soft mounds of flesh. With her other hand she pulled untied her sash and let her robe fall open. It folds revealing a hint of skin here and there along her body.

 "Milady, no disrespect, but I cannot." I said as I pulled away again, though not out of her arms entirely.
 "I see the lust blaze in your eyes. I have seen it there for several years Thena. But always shy, always respectful though blushing often. Somehow you have drawn me to you as no other has before." Lady Chandra said.

 "I want you." She whispered. "Would you refuse me?"

She said the last with a smile and her kind eyes full of the lust that I felt.

 "Never, Milady." I breathed.

 Lady Chandra took my hand and led me into her private sleeping quarters. The bed itself was huge, with four carved posts and a large tapestry canopy of the heavens. Several candles sat, set inside tall glass holders, and gave the room a soft, warm glow.  I did not notice much else about the room as Lady Chandra dropped her robe before me and revealed her unmarred, perfectly sculptured body. My heart nearly stopped at the sight.

 I didn't know what to do, I was frozen in place. Not that I had never been in this predicament before, I had made love to many woman, just never a highborn and never one I served. Lady Chandra moved for us both. 

 She grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me into her kiss. My rough clothes against her soft skin. My hands moved up her sides to cup her breasts, she moaned as my thumbs brushed over her nipples, their soft pink buds becoming instantly erect. My leg slipped between her thighs, her hands moved down to my arse and held our hips tight together as she rubbed against my leg. 

 We were standing with Lady Chandra's back only a foot from the bed. We had been kissing quite sometime, and I was growing very wet in my trousers. I bent my head to suck on her breasts and suddenly Lady Chandra shifted her hold, her weight, and literally tossed me lightly onto my back on the bed.

 I was shocked to say the least. 

 "What?" I asked. And Lady Chandra was pulling off one of my boots.


 "You didn't want to stay clothed, did you?" She asked sweetly as she took off the other boot.

 "Scoot back on the bed." She ordered. I had to obey. As I did so she slipped some soft pillows under my head. She proceeded to lay full over me, her thigh sinking between mine this time, moving the course material across my sensitive areas, teasing me. Her lips kissed my neck and then my shoulder as her fingers untied the top of my shirt and unlaced it to the end just below my smaller breasts. Lady Chandra moved the opened part the shirt over to reveal an erect nipple, I gasped as her lips took it between them and ran her tongue over it. 

 She suckled for quite some time, her other hand pinching and kneading whichever nipple she wasn't teasing with her mouth. All I could do was squirm and moan below her. 

 Suddenly she pulled away and pulled the shirt out from my trousers and pushed it up over my arms, I helped and took my chance to sit up and capture Lady Chranda's breasts for my own feast. It was time for me to take control, as I always did. None of my partners had ever dominated me before.

 Except that Lady Chandra didn't agree with my tactic.  She let me continue my ministrations on her, moaning her pleasure, while her hands busied themselves with the ties of my trousers. I bit down on her nipple as I felt her fingers slide inside my trousers, through my short curls and into the wetness that was surely seeing through my pants by now. Lady Chandra gasped when I bit and cried "Yes, harder."

 Her fingers slipped deep inside of me, her thumb rubbed against my pleasure bud, my head spun from the pleasure of it all. It had been too long, an entire campaign season, no where near civilization long enough for an evening in a whore house. And one shouldn't sleep with ones soldiers or officers.

 "Or your liege." I thought briefly, and then Lady Chandra's fingers glided back inside of me and all thoughts of what was right or wrong in bed partners ceased to matter. 

 Lady Chandra pushed me back onto my back without missing a stroke, my trousers were pushed down past my knees and I squirmed out of them, lost in ecstasy. She lay atop me again, her wet essence soaking my leg as she moved against me, in rhythm to her strokes in and out of me. Her lips met my breasts again and I was shuddering in orgasm seconds later. Twisting and turning, my hips meeting her still pumping fingers as wave after wave of release rippled through me. Finally I had to squirm out of her hands and plea for her to stop. It had gone to the sensitive stage.

 I was panting heavily, Lady Chandra laying on her side, propped up on one elbow and grinning down at my half closed eyes.

 "I'd say you liked that." Lady Chandra said with a wicked smile.

 "Yes Milady, and if might return the favor?" I panted.

 "Oh stop with the formalities. It's Chandra, and you may do whatever your heart desires."

 I rose up and pushed lady Chandra over onto her back.

 "Whatever I'd like?" I said. My hand traveled down to find my Liege very very wet and very hot.

 "What I'd like is to taste you." I continued. 

 I bent my head down and spread Lady Chandra's legs wide, kneeling between them. Her earthy scent filled my senses and I used my hands to push back her petals and reveal the glistening pink garden of delight inside. Her hips arched as my tongue first stroked the length of her, then teased her erect bud, then trailed back down to push inside of her, to lick at her essence still inside her. Lady Chandra let out a loud moan and I felt her hands in my hair, pushing me down harder into her.

 My fingers slipped in and took the place of my tongue, sliding deeper than I could have otherwise, my mouth moving up to further tease her tender bud, I flicked it with my tongue, suckled it, grazed my teeth lightly over it , over and over, alternating, all the while I stroked, three fingers deep inside of her, feeling her wetness seep past my knuckles and down onto my hand, smeared between her thighs, on my cheeks. I was aroused again, and thinking how this all had to be a dream, like the ones I had had for years of Lady Chandra, but no, this was too real, the sight, the scent, the feel of her.  Her voice in my ears, calling my name and saying yes, deeper, faster, harder.  She bucked when she came, making it hard for me to continue to stroke and suck her though her release. So overcome was I that I came again without her even touching me. 

 Lady Chandra pulled me into her arms, cradling my head on her soft breast. The blankets were pulled over us both, my trousers tangled somewhere in the mess we had made of the bed sheets I imagined, but I didn't care. I was floating in bliss.

 "Incredible, Thena, and just think, we have the whole winter to enjoy each others company, if you'd like."

 I meant to answer, but the words died I my mouth as sleep overtook me.

 "Of course." I'd meant to answer "For eternity if you'd like."

© 12/21/1997 Kim Elizabeth Stewart

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