"Whispers From The Shadowlands"
by HawkDMon


©David Lee Anderson

 This one is about a ghost we have at my office. She hangs around me a lot.

     I feel you standing near,
     I turn around and look
     And stare at empty air,
     But your scent is there,
     A trace of emotions,
     Confusion, sadness and pain.

     I can hear you speak,
     If I listen real close,
     Just below hearing range,
     I can't make out your words,
     In the silence I wait for you,
         I can't make sense out of the words.

     I know you, kind of,
     A lost little girl wandering
     A world where few can sense you,
     And fewer still can hear you,
     I wish I could hold you, comfort you,
     Explain to you what has happened.

     Playful little one, pulling my hair,
     Giggling and talking behind me,
     While no one living is near,
     Speak up, talk to me,
     Show yourself, I can feel you,
     I wish to help guide you
     To your souls's new path.

Copyright  c 7/8/96  Kim Elizabeth Stewart


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