"Whispers From The Shadowlands"
by HawkDMon

How to Escape Hell

 This is one I wrote for the butch fem porch ages ago.

The Legend of DemonHawk and AngelHeart
How to Escape Hell

DemonHawk was an outcast, even amongst demons. She wasn't sure of her exact age, but she knew that is was a long time, stretching over centuries. She learned early on that she really didn't like the usual fare of torturing condemned sinners like the rest of the demons. It seemed too cruel, and extremely boring. Matter of fact she found all of hell to be rather boring. Molten lava for waterfalls and streams, fire everywhere. None of the green vegetation she knew grew in the mortal world above. 

Then Hawk began to notice also, that though the mortal world was a fairly cruel place, it was nothing like the cruelties in hell.  At least in the mortal world you could find things like love, hope and even happiness.  This in turn taught Hawk to dream of other things. Her disgust in Hell grew. She completely slacked in her duties as a demon. Only escaping punishment because her father was a general in Lucifer's  Royal Guard. She was able to get away with spending her eternity doing things like jet skiing on the river Styx. One of her favorite games was jumping over Charon's boat as he delivered  newcomers to the shores of Hell. Charon was not amused, often using some imaginative curses and hand gestures. But Hawk just laughed and continued her antics.

One day, if you could call it day, (in Hell it never changes,) Hawk was wandering around in search of a new adventure. Perhaps bungee jumping, that seemed to be popular with the humans above of late. She set about looking for a suitable rock bridge, walking between huge cliffs in one of the upper rings of hell. She hadn't expected to find anyone there, it was not a punishment place, being just outside the Citadel walls of Dis. Suddenly there was the most magnificent creature before her. A DemonSteed the likes of which only great generals rode. The mare stood there, blacker than midnight, her eyes gleaming red. She snorted flames, and pawed the ground with black feathered hooves that sparked and resounded a clap of thunder. She flicked her wavy mane back on her neck, with a nod up  of her head. Nickering, she pulled back her lips and Hawk could see small fangs just before the bit placement. 

But this steed bore no rider, no saddle, no bridle. Hawk met eyes with the magnificent beast and felt a challenge from her. 

"Now this could be a grand adventure" Hawk thought , "taming a wild DemonSteed. Even Father has to have others break his." 

Hawk slowly approached the steed. The steed didn't move. Hawk reached her hand out to the steed, and pulled back suddenly when the beast nipped at her. Blood seeped from the grazing wound. The mare did not shy away, nor attack again. Hawk and the steed eyed each other and a name whispered into Hawks head.


Hawk contemplated this and slowly moved to stand next to AngelHeart. The mare watched her with a challenging, red eyed  glare.

 Hawk suddenly leaped onto AngelHeart's back. She held tight with her legs, and grabbed handfuls of mane in a death grip. AngelHeart seemed to leap straight up off all fours. Then bucked when she landed. Hawk was thrown forward. When the steed broke into a run, Hawk nearly tumbled off her beautiful, broad,  back. The Demomsteed  ran, full gallop, heading down the road that led to the Styx.
AngelHeart did not slow down as she approached the banks. Hawk expected her to refuse the burning water, though such things had no effect on demons or other hellspawn, Still, she expected it. She leaned forward on Angel hearts neck and squeezed with her legs as they reached the river's edge. Suddenly they were flying..across the river..an impossible leap that no mortal animal could ever dream of accomplishing. 

The pair landed  with a teeth jarring impact, still the steed kept running.  Hawk could only hang on for the ride. They neared a wall. AngelHeart still did not stop. Hawk closed her eyes for impact, knowing she would not be killed, but realizing it was going to hurt. She counted in her head the seconds...3..2..1...

But no impact, no pain. And suddenly AngelHeart ceased running.  Hawk tumbled over AngelHeart's head to land on the ground. Hawk opened her eyes slowly into bright sunshine and a wealth of  green and brown,  real vegetation! Trees, grass, bushes..blue sky..color everywhere!

"I'm in the mortal world!" she thought, then she realized she was there without permission. "I am in some kind of  trouble!"

Hawk pivoted and looked around, but saw no entrance back to hell. She could not see anything that suggested how she had arrived there. She looked back at AngelHeart who nickered softly, flames puffing out of her nose and mouth. She bent her head and nudged at DemonHawk to get up.
"Damned  Steed is laughing at me." Hawk thought with a smile. 

Hawk stood up and brushed off her pants. She once again leapt onto AngelHeart, expecting the worse, and was stunned to find that AngelHeart did not buck nor run as before. Looking around at the new world, Hawk heard voices and decided to investigate. 

"Might as well" she thought, "Could be a century before anyone even notices I'm gone."

She used leg commands and voice to guide AngelHeart, she followed the voices. Through thick trees that left her in awe, she pressed forward, stopping at the edge of a clearing. A sign to her right read "Butch Femme Porch". She watched the inhabitants as some played on the long stretch of grass before a large house, while others sat on the porch and sipped cool drinks. Everywhere there seemed to be faces full of smiles and voices filled with laughter. Studying the wide range of folks that had gathered there, Hawk wondered if perhaps they would accept a Demon in thier midst. Hawk patted AngelHeart's neck. 


"What do you think, Angel? Think they'll let me play  awhile here? I mean, I'm not a bad demon after all, Father and the others point that out often enough. I certainly don't belong in Hell. I just don't fit in there. I wonder if I can be accepted here?"

AngelHeart herself took the lead. Stepping into the clearing without urging from her new rider.......

Copyright c 1998 Kim Elizabeth Stewart

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