"Whispers From The Shadowlands"
by HawkDMon

Hawk Words ~ Part 1

 This one is writen in character. Hawk D'Mon actually being a role playing character I have in an online role playing game.  She's a bad ass vampire with a soft side for her bondmate Shebj: wrote this fer ye

©Luis Royo
Seeing ye, stretched out on the bed,
Blue eyes ablaze with passion,
My fingertips tracing yer flesh,
Relearning every inch of ye
As I have done fer centuries now.
Words unspoken, yet
Thoughts linked, wraped together,
Unable taee tell where ye begin
Nor where I end.
Lips and tongue join
My exploring fingers,
Teasing, brushing near but
Nae touching yer sensitve areas,
nae yet, soon, my love,
I grin as ye fight the restraints,
Begging tae touch me,
What do ye wish, love?
What would ye like me tae do?
I really do nae need tae ask,
As I know what ye want,
I just need tae hear ye say it
As I slowly tease ye,
Drawing out the sweet agony
Of yer desires.


My fingers finally find ye,
Soaking with need,
Ye moan long and loud,
Body arching under my hands,
My mouth, moving tae meet
Every stroke as best ye can,
Yer scent, the feel of yer hot desire,
The taste of yer sweet nector,
All driving me crazy with
My own passions and needs,

And when Ye shudder hard and
Scream my name, flowing over my
hands, lips and tongue,
'Tis enough tae make
Me join ye in yer release,
Even with ye still restrained
Before me, expecially then,
I shiver, knowing that I will
Untie thee soon, hold thee close,
Whisper how much I love thee,
That ye will begin a slow
Intensly pleasurable torture
Upon my  aching body,
Until finally the dawn sends
Us tae sleep, Exhausted,
Wrapped safely in
Each others arms.

©  10/18/1999 Kim Elizabeth Stewart 
(acting as a scribe fer Hawk D'Mon)

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