"Whispers From The Shadowlands"
by HawkD'Mon


Matthew Shepard

Last Thoughts

I left the house
Proud of who I was,
I never returned, 
I started the evening laughing.
I ended the evening pleading
For my life as more blows fell,
Cruel laughter in my ears,
Spiteful words were spit in my face,
And more blows landed,
Would they ever stop?

I was left alone, wounded,
The attackers laughter fading
As they started their car
And left me to die.
I cried for my family.
For my friends, my lovers,
For things I never said,
For things I'd never do,
Alone I died, in pain,
Slowly suffering alone in agony
Because I dared to be alive
and I dared to love.


Copyright C 10/13/1998 Kim Elizabeth Stewart



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