"Hot Flashes"
writings by L. B. Fine



"I Like It Hot"

      I stepped into the shower.  Hot water cascaded over my hair, down my body.  Steam filled the white tiled stall and  seeped through the glass doors into the tiny bathroom. And suddenly you were there.  I could see your silhouette through the fog as you moved toward the stall. The fullness of your breasts, the abundance of your hips coming nearer.  You reached up and removed the clip from your hair and let it fall around your shoulders.  As you stepped into the stall, you told me that the water was too hot.  I laughed out loud and reached for the spigot to adjust the temperature, but I stopped myself, remembering that I like it hot.

     I began to massage your scalp with shampoo.  I felt the thickness of your hair beneath my fingertips.  I rubbed and scratched and cleaned and rinsed.  I heard you tell me that the bottle says to rinse and repeat, so I did.  I pulled you around to face me,  then stood you under the steamy flow until all of the shampoo was gone.  As I smoothed the conditioner onto your hair, a small drip started down your forehead.  With my finger I wiped it away and leaned in to kiss you. I kissed your forehead, your eyes, your nose and your lips. The taste of your skin mingled with the conditioner on my lips.  Smiling, you took my face in your hands and tenderly kissed my mouth.  Your tongue easily slipped between my lips and caressed the inside of my mouth. My tongue responded, exploring the soft folds of your mouth.  The water began to cool down so I twisted the handle until it was hot.

     I squeezed the thick soap onto the meshy puff and pressed it against your shoulder.  With small circular motions I lathered your body starting at your neck and working my way down.  The scruffy puff  traveled over your smooth skin to your breasts, first one and then the other.  Gently I moved the sponge across your areolas.  As your nipples became erect, I became aware of the stiffness of my own.  My mouth began to trace the path of the sponge.  My tongue flicked across each of your nipples and I pulled each one far into my mouth. You moaned as deeply as I did.  I guided the sponge down to your belly.  You giggled as you told me how the sponge tickled your skin.  I continued up your arms and down your back to  your fleshy bottom.  Kneeling on the shower floor, I passed the sponge across your feet and between your toes.  Following a path up your legs, I sponged slowly around your thighs to your crotch. You looked down at me and smiled, telling me that I never looked so beautiful. I let the sponge drop and moved my mouth to your labia. My tongue encircled your lips and swept the length of you until it rested on your clitoris.  I felt your hand on the back of my head as my tongue continued to taste you, my lips to suck you and my teeth to nip at you.  The deepness of your moans sent shivers throughout my body.

     And suddenly I noticed how cold the water had gotten and how alone I was standing in my sterile shower stall. And I remembered that you had left me years ago, yet here you were invading my memory, stepping on my peace, taking over my sanity.  I turned the left faucet to the point where it could turn no more.  I like the water very hot.

L. B. Fine©


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