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Reading has always been a passion of mine, having inherited the thirst from both parents.  It didn't occure to me to write until my late teens.  Back then it was mainly the lyrics to original music, and I foolishly walked away from an offer of interest from a recording company.  Now, at thirty-six, I am taking the time to explore writing from a new perspective and trying not to be my worst critic when it comes to my poems and stories.  I find I write best when I am either really up or really down.  The roller coster doesn't seem to have cruise control.

Born and raised and still residing in the midwest, I worked for twelve years as a supervisor for a large internet-based retail company.  I left that job nearly two years ago for reasons concerning my family, and now am attempting to turn another hobby, wood working, into a business. 

I want to thank Bec and her Creative Women group for the opportunity of sharing my ramblings.  Thanks for reading, and best wishes to everyone out there. 

Lynne Cherry Jordan 

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