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My love affair with words began in Brooklyn, N. Y., during my early teens. I was always reading books of some sort or browsing the isles in my high school library in search of something new; that's when I stumbled upon the poetic artistry of Maya Angelou. Her passion and infamous voice inspired me to try my hand at poetry. Since then I've lingered inside the muse of countless poets who've crafted words into literary symphonies both influential and mesmerizing. Over the years I've also amassed a collection of my own; however, I didn't seriously consider publishing until about eight years ago. I would submit a poem online here and there but never on a regular basis. I finally decided to stop procrastinating and assemble an actual book. Last year I published that book entitled, Ndigo Wings, currently available through CafePress.com. I've read publicly at the Garden Cafe, Dallas, Texas, and the Underground Poetry Circus, at the University of Texas at Dallas. One of my poems are also featured in the expressions section of the web site, Dallasfamily.org. For your viewing pleasure the poems showcased on this site are selections that are included in my book.

I currently live in Dallas, Texas, and a little more than twenty five years have passed since I first discovered the joy in writing poetry. I'm still amazed and fascinated that every work of English literature, its' various styles, genre and context, are created from a mere twenty six letters. It also pleases me to be part of a network that affords me an opportunity to share my voice and individual knit of words. I've been inspired by life experience's and some of the greatest poets that have ever put pen to paper. Perhaps one day my work will be the catalyst that inspires at least one person to nest inside this rejuvenated (thankfully) art form, or find the courage to put renditions of their own distinctiveness into words. I welcome your feedback and hope that you enjoy a glimpse inside my sanctuary.

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