My Garden
                                               ... by Kymskittn

I plant a garden, this garden is me.
I will grow to be everything I need for life.
Ample food - knowledge
Ample rain - sorrow and tears
Ample warmth - love
will make my garden grow healthy and strong.

Surrounding my garden I will need a fence,
to protect the growing parts of me.
I think mine will be a chain link fence,
as not to block others from seeing,
the wondrous things growing inside.
Yet enough to keep people,
from walking all over the new growth.
This fence is my boundaries.

I welcome people into my garden if they like,
and are responsible with their requests.
Sometimes though,
I may notice one of my precious plants withering and,
I may need to pay some extra attention to that part of me.

At this time, I may not wish to have visitors.
That will be ok though because people will trust,
in the fact, that when my plants are full,
and growing the gate will be reopened.

At that time, I will be able to ask a friend in need,
into my garden to share the peace & warmth & beauty,
I take comfort in myself.




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