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I wrote my first poem in 8th grade.  I didn't necessarily want to, but it was an assignment.  It came more easily than I ever imagined.  Somehow, word got out about the poem I had written, and before I knew it, I was 
reading it at every assembly the school had that year.  It was put in the local paper, and my family still talks about it.  I didn't write very much for a lot of years.  I guess nothing really moved me enough to want to capture it. Inspiration found me a few years ago, and my words became a personal release for me.  These ryhmes were never intended to be seen by others.  I did happen to share them with a friend and she encouraged me to submit them.  I did, mostly to keep her quiet, but I never thought anything would come of it.  I was surprised, to say the least.

Just in case the poems aren't quite personal enough, I'm 33 and I live on top of a mountain in Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

Laura Lord

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