"Sharings From The Muse"
by Bonnie Gardner

My voice has always been a part of me
and yet, as all newborns
at first I only knew to scream.

Born with a voice, urgency to let my
truth be known-- hunger, open safety pins
or loneliness--

subtle feelings-- all were perceived 
as highest on the Richter scale.
Only now

my hard bought wisdom, winnowed
by all the years that I've survived
with the coming

of my age, at last I'm learning to trust
that others-- indeed, all-- have 
voices and needs.

Better still, maturity brings skills 
to know my feelings, empathy, 
openness and richness

all help convey, communicate what 
I have found.  I offer this, place 
my gifts in front of you. 

©Bonnie Gardner


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