"Sharings From The Muse"
by Bonnie Gardner


Someday i'll leave this body
go on and find whatever else
there is for me.

It's a good old body. it still
takes me where I need to go
gives me some comfort.

Also some satisfactions, though
they're not as sharp or full 
as memory would have me believe.

My body's my friend, finally.
I don't fight it any more
I've learned to listen to it.

We've been through a lot together
I know its limitations much
better than I ever used to.

My eyes, ears and teeth have
let me down some, but it's ok
I have learned to live with it.

More parts of it are worn, larger
than is fashionable, but I like it.
It's my home, I live here for now.

I am relaxed within this frame
for I know that what makes me
ME, isn't anything that one can see.

It's all I've learned, it's my spirit
that animates and lives within.
I'll leave this shell behind.

© Bonnie Gardner


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