"The Writings Of Mongsee"
by Marcia Wickes

The Girl Who Wanted More

She was
A girl  of the west, who wanted more, much
More than what
She saw sometimes
In her mother's eyes...... she wanted
More than a lifetime of
Cooking and childbirth and
Lips pressed hard and thin to
Lock in the longings for what
She, as a rancher's wife, could never have.

She was
The girl who wanted what
Her brothers grew to, each passing day.....
She wanted
Their birthright;
But she had to earn
(being female, after all)
The privilege of
Being her own person.

She was
The girl who wanted more,
And so the day she turned fifteen
She swore herself to
Utter secrecy........
She said good-night
And meant good-bye.... she
Slipped away in the silence of the sleeping ranch.....

In the dark of night,
Down by the river,
She cut her hair 
And she bound her breasts....
She kissed her woman-name good-bye,
Standing solemn and scared
In her brother's boots and
Her daddy's old hat.........
She cried for the last time for
The choice that she made.....
And then,
She mounted her pony
And rode into the sunrise
To be a cowboy.

~Marcia Wickes©

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