To tell a bit about myself I would have to first say my friends and family mean everything to me.  I am close to my younger brother Mike ..we grew up fighting the world for each other.  As a child of an Air Force family I was born in England and moved around a lot as a youngster. I married young and by the time I was 19 I was divorced and a single parent to my only child, Devin. He is my greatest joy in life.  Moving on was a struggle but I seek each day to improve my life and his. With the help of my wonderfu l~Love you Mom & Dad~ parents I am working on a degree in Veterinarian Technology.  I am blessed to have found love and support from D, she is my bestfriend, and my beloved bond mate and girlfriend, Kim.

  We have 4 cats~Rikki, Socks, Goldie and Scooby~ and three dogs~ A yellow Lab~Kimmie, a pit bull~Dixie~and a Golden Retriver~Shadow. Once back in Ozark we plan on adding a few horses to our four-legged family. 

   Coming out to myself and family was not easy, but I have discovered a whole new world in the Gay and Lesbian community.  Through the power of Internet services I gained a whole new group of friends.  Love to my D'Mon Family! Through Role Playing I was able to find the writings that had built up inside me.  A very special person has helped me in this..Thanks Kim.. thanks for all you have done and given me ,I love you my friend. My writings are based on how I feel.. they are in fact pieces of my heart and soul.  Even the dark ones.. I embrace all that I am. 

   You don't have to like or even agree with my writings.. but they are what I feel and how I view my life.. and for me that is enough.  Being a part of this page and web ring means a lot to me and I am very honored to be included with all the wonderful writers here.

Goddess Bless and Dark Dreams. 

Christy Elaine Vance 
Better known as Minxy

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Feelings of Love

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