Miss Money Picture

That Kind of Friend

My friend won't you wipe your tears
And let go of all the hurt
Relinquish all your fears
They don't count against your self worth
You are a blessed one
Look see the sun
Rays that make you glow
Before you go give in
And cease from living
There's one thing, I need you know

Smile be kindly, search you'll finally
See…that you've always had a friend
I know your lonely but it's not the only thing
And I swear that this won't last

Even I don't always feel loved and I'm not ashamed to say
Some days I just can't give up. I don't want to face another day.
But my God - He scolds me… and then He molds me.
Let's me know that everything's alright.
Now I'm just growing, He's in me and it's showing
Ain't no way I'm gonna lose this fight

©Miss Money

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