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Shattering Rainbows by Ocean

Sometimes, before you can make your dreams come true, you must first face your nightmares.

The once hot, loving relationship between Jamie Taylor and Casey Kennedy has cooled to a chilling standstill. If something doesn't happen soon to bridge the quickly widening chasm, soon both women will share a past, but not a future. A fun and romantic weekend in Provincetown with online friends seems to be the perfect solution that promises to re-kindle dwindled fires... until the the dream weekend turns into a ghastly nightmare that sucks Jamie and Casey into a shadowy world and tumbles them beyond their darkest fantasies.

A Saving Solace by D.S. Bauden

Diane S. Bauden is known for writing intensely emotional stories about friendship, family and love. Her third and newest book, A Saving Solace, cements that reputation with an extremely personal, heart-wrenching tale of two women who struggle to overcome loss and open themselves to feel again.
A Saving Solace is published by Limitless Dare 2 Dream Publishing and available online at limitless2d or through your favorite bookstore.


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Time to Go Home ... by Jennifer Baylor

A story about two childhood friends going in opposite directions after high school, to pursue lifelong dreams. Those fortunate to be a part of their process of growth would soon be touched intensely by the choices they make along the way. Circumstances bring these two women back to rural Indiana as adults---and into the depths of a world surrounded with deceit and temptation...

One question I hope the reader will ask themselves, "What would it be like today if I went back to that one place in time where I felt safe and secure---that place called home?"

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"Descanso - A Soul Journey"
by Cynthia Tyler




"Pieces of a Life"
Judith Hooper

Love LIght by Ana P. Corman

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Reality Poems
... by Cassandra Dillon

"The Lesbian Latitude" by Wanda Rex

"Broad-Shouldered Broads" by Wanda Rex

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"You've Got Fe-mail" by Kristin Cranford

Once upon a time, there was a lesbian named Kristin who wanted nothing more than to find her true love. After several broken relationships she turned towards the internet. This book is a diary of a lesbian who posted an online ad, then added her photo and then the courting began! This book documents the correspondences between women via e-mail, instant messenger, text messaging, exchanging photos, online dating-receiving and responding to ads, going on actual dates and ex's coming in and out of the experience. Can one find true love through online dating? Is the internet a tool that links cyber love with physical love? Creating an everlasting relationship? This is a diary of a lesbian searching for true love. A girl who would not settle for less, documented it and shared the experience with the world. Does she find her true love or not?
Avail in Hardcover, softcover and E-book

"Bradley Bay"
by Ana P. Corman

Bradley Bay is a story that embraces the deep, sensitive love and unique connection between women. It exhibits the positive outcomes that arise from personal tragedy. It displays the strength of a relationship as two people turn to each other and make the commitment to meet life’s challenges together.

Available in Softcover or E-Book


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