"Creative Expressions"
by Robin Harbin

"The Tampon"
"God & Me"
"Mother Nature"
"Broken Babies"
"The Emotion Tree"
"The Country Dance"
"The Storm"

About the Author
Usually I am a short story writer but I tried my hand at poetry in March. 
My Poems are featured in 4 books:
"Between Darkness and Light"
"Echoes Of The Century"
"From the Mountaintop"
"In-between Days"

I like just about anything and I am always eager to challenge myself in directions I have never tried before. My ultimate high is when I exceed the expectations and limits that I believed I had.

~Robin Harbin


Editor's Note:

It's with extreme sadness to announce that we received notice that Robin passed away on June 17, 2005. I'm just glad that I got to know her for even just a little while and that we were blessed with her writings. May her light and memory continue to be shared with the world on these pages.