"All Heart"
The Stories and Photos
of Pasdenuage

"The Long Vacation Story"
"Coyote Buttes, Northern AZ" ... Photoart
"Lower Antelope Slot Canyon" ... Photoart
"1974" ... short story
"Personal Ad" ... short story
"Ptown" ... short story
"Chaka Kahn from the Equality Rocks Concert" ...photo
All Heart is the combined nom de plume of someone many know as Pasdenuage.  In 3D she becomes ... Becky.

By day a mild mannered marketing manager in high tech, Becky would prefer to roam the earth taking photos and writing stories.  Alas, the dogs must eat and the mortgage must get paid since the dogs rule (the cat really does droll when you pet her).

From New England, the Colorado sunshine is the inspiration for the"pasdenuage"name  ("not a cloud", in French).

Until she gets a web site with more photos, you can contact Becky at: pasdenuage@aol.com (editors note: Becky does sell her photoart ... if you would like more info about owning one of her original images, by all means contact her!)

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