Red Hot Heart
by S. J. Perkins

©Ty Wilson

Downcast Eyes

I pack up my gym bag each morning 
Knowing that I might see you each evening
All alone you steadily pump through your sets
I try like hell to share your space, suck up your exhaled breath
Desperate for a sense of you
Once, secretly, I stole a snatch of your warm, clean scent as you passed by
I actually stretched out my neck and inhaled you in through my nose

Itís never been this hard for me
Small talk usually comes effortlessly
Now I watch you... hungering, speechlessly
Voice stolen by your lonesome beauty
Are you lonely, mysterious angel? 
All honey colored eyes and oaken curls
Are you even aware? 
Your downcast eyes keep me coming back...keep me in shape

©S. J. Perkins

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