Red Hot Heart
by S. J. Perkins


Gay Ghetto

Glance down from my fourth floor window
Street below alive like no other
Endless possibilities surround me as night creeps down
Shined up, ironed up, everything looks tight
Iím your lover tonight

Bounce down the steps, Iíve waited all week
Youíre out there somewhere, I can feel you 
Just have to find you, take you and make you mine
But only for a short time, nothingís forever
Iím your lover tonight

First stop coffee shop, got to stay warm
My strong hand lingers as you pass me the mug
You smile sweetly as always, do you ever wonder
How my hand would feel behind your neck should I kiss you?
If I was your lover tonight

Head back out into the night once more
Stand tall, shoulders back I got my best Docís on
I spot you now, angel baby coming my way
Dog walking, purse dangling, keys in your hand
Wonder what youíre up to tonight?

I carry your groceries up three flights of stairs
Watching you swing and sway the whole way
I stumbled twice from the view, see what you do?
Sure I can stay for awhile, yes a beer would be fine
Iíve got no definite plans for the night

Music drifts softly, youíve started a fire
Kicked off your shoes and youíve curled up beside me
Scent of your hair and sweet wine on your breath stir me
I reach out, touch your hand, you come into my arms
You will be my lover tonight

©S. J. Perkins


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