Mountain Prose by PJ


Open your eyes and come to me!

Sleeping Woman on her bed
Lays exposed, uncovered, bare.
Off in dreams too hard to share.
Does she know that I do care?

Sleeping Woman, lying still. 
Fleeing, with no where to go
But deeper still to sleep's glad rest.
May I lay upon your breast?

Sleeping Woman, where will you be
If you wake NOT and come to me?
And when you wake inside that storm,
Will you wake to peace and harmony?

Awake my love, and come to see
That you are me and I am thee.
That we are One in separate beds.
We dream the dreams of different heads.

Lift heart's lids that cause such darkness
Making dreams that bring such dread.
Open to the day's bright Sunlight 
And come to me and fill "our" bed.

Sleeping Woman, how I love thee,
Love what Light shows bright to me.
Open your eyes, now!  Can you see?
Open now your eyes and just "Be".

Open your eyes and come to me!





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